Microsoft And Sony Ban NY Sex Offenders From XBL And PSN

3,580 New York registered sex offenders have been banned from Xbox LIVE and PSN in addition to several other online services.

Codenamed "Operation: Game Over," this initiative which aims to protect children from predators in online games, was led by New York Attorney General Eric and joined by several companies including Microsoft, Apple, Sony, EA and Blizzard.

"We must ensure online video game systems do not become a digital playground for dangerous predators," the Attorney General commented. "That means doing everything possible to block sex offenders from using gaming networks as a vehicle to prey on underage victims."

But the New York Civil Liberties Union disagrees with Eric's logic. "While the intent here is admirable," the Union's communications director Jennifer Carnig said; "Schemes like this one do very little to keep children safe and trample on the right to free speech and expression."

"And the problem this initiative is trying to solve is almost non-existent. Children are almost always abused by people they know - a friend or family member - not by people they interact with while playing video games online."

To be honest, we don't see what would prevent a sex offender from using a friend's or a relative's id to login to any of the services he's been denied.

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Everything protects children now a days. For worse and not for best. First I saw this I thought it was something about feminism. Then I realised "No, it's just abusive power."

The is just wrong!

This IS a violation of civil rights and is COMPLETELY illegal buy constitutional rights. this is the same as banning blacks from riding in the front of a bus or telling a fat person they can't eat at the all you can eat buffet. This is discrimination and this will be overturned in the courts soon enough with class action law suits just wait and see.

To discriminate against some one and deny them the services THEY PAYED FOR because they are on a list is just morally WRONG! It doesn't matter what the good intention is for doing it, it is still WRONG. (Are they going to REFUND said persons money and subscription fees? Buy back their now useless systems?)

Just like the witch burnings in Salem or the Spanish Inquisition in Spain. They did those terrible things saying "it is for the betterment of our society" just justify what they knew deep down as just being wrong...

Sex Offender?

What are you talking about? When sex offenders discriminate against the rights of a child to keep their innocence, to not be tortured, used by some sexually depraved individual for sick games. I'm sorry but when you do those things you lose your rights in my eyes. You should in no way, shape or form compare an attempt at keeping sex offenders away from children to banning blacks from sitting at the front of a bus. Blacks were unjustly treated, someone who rapes someone else is a criminal. Wow dude! It's not morally wrong to try and keep our children safe. They made the choice to hurt someone, now they must pay for it. Do you think we're impeding on their rights when we force them to let everyone know where they live? Do you think that's immorally wrong? What is wrong with you, the salem witch trials? WTF?! They killed innocent people, when you're a registered sex offender, you actually committed a crime, a crime charged using evidence. Dude do us all a favor and keep your pro sex offender rights to yourself, it sickens the rest of us. Maybe you're one of the sex offenders and that's why you're so offended. By the way I never play online and I get a shit load of use out of my consoles.

How about.. about banning people who have actually committed relevant crimes? If a person has legitimately preyed on kids (and by legitimately I mean actually manipulated, tricked, or coerced a kid into meeting up with them for sex) then sure, ban them. 'Sex offender' is being used as a catch all term - many of these people are not going to even be child predators.

I'm not hot on these 'punish people for life' laws generally - the rate of recividism amongst sex offenders is NOT higher than non sexual crimes; it's actually lower, but the popular myth is often repeated. If a murderer can be let back into society after serving their time then so should all criminals, although I understand restricting certain occupations.

People are also using the word 'paedophile' to mean 'child molester'. Paedophile just means that you find children attractive - so that's something to look up as well. However that makes you feel, nobody chooses what they see as attractive so if you're going to hate people (because hate is such a constructive feeling), at least hate people who have actually harmed children.


If people have done the time they should have no more penalties for it. Otherwise the judge would need to be all "Oh 20 years prison and no games for life"

Even worse, USA has people

Even worse, USA has people placed on that sex offender list for the absurdest reasons, like a single year difference between male and female of a couple, or parents having pictures of their own baby children, so these and other wronged people now in addition to be labeled "Evil" also suddenly get banned/"censored out" of game communities where they did nothing wrong? This act is horrid and crazy. Soon you forget to pay for a bus ticket and the next week you notice your bank account and online access has been blocked.


'Sex offender' is an asburdly broad label. It isn't even limited to people who've commited offences involving sex - if a person has illegal pornography on their computer, they'll become a sex offender.

It's very dangerous when the government can essentially brand a person an incurable criminal. If a person has used online services to trick kids into coming to their house or whatever then absolutely try to ban them (which won't work), but it's this kind of broad and generalised thinking that should be confined to trashy tabloid newspapers, not national law.

Damn it

Damn it, I don't know why Im reading all this weird comments :/ Let the kids meet their molesters, if parents don't care enough to educate their child's, then who cares? Life will teach them, same as It did for me :P, R A P E D so badly...

i liked it

well i think that they need to let teens yr decide for themselves. i'm a 15yr old male teen that did it with a guy twice my age and it was great..but tricking or forcing anyone should be punishable by death..jus sayin. the true meaning of pedophile is someone lookin for a child that is a pre-teen. i think most teens can make up their own mind regardless of wat the gov't says.


a few months ago last year to be exact i was at my aunts house playing saints row 2 online team match with a bunch of random people witn my headset on.One dude asked me if i was misguidedmentos, which was my aunts LIVE account name at the time.I said yes, then the guy says he's gonna sex me up.Afterwards, i pause the game and tell him im a guy hes like huh!f no i aint doin no fag im out.He then signs out, as do i.He could be a ped, or he just didn't realize i was using my aunts profile cause i didn't have my own at the time. Didn't try to report him cause i didn't know who he was

"Sex Offender"

Not all people labeled "Sex Offender" are pedophiles, some are people who pissed out in public and got caught, other are victims of statutory rape laws. Sorry but a 19 year old having sex with a 15 year old does not necessarily make that person is a pedophile.By the way im not defending sex offenders just pointing something out. Also where is the parental guidance here ? Where is the common fucking sense also? When I was 10-12 (late 90s) Yahoo chat was ripe with pedos and perverts, and predators. I was never lured or tricked because I was smart enough to know you don't meet or talk to creeps on the internet. Hell most of the time I was trying to "cyber" with people I thought were grown women. Sorry if you disagree, but there is a bit of Darwinism when it comes to who is preyed upon on the internet.

Find the right from the wrong!

I agree with "sex offender" i have a friend. His car broke down on the side of the highway. After 4 hours of waiting for help....he didnt have a cell to call for help. His bladder was full. so he walked around to behind his car to go to the bathroom. Guess when police finally showed up? He was charged with urinating in public and indecent exposure, and had to register as a sex offender. Not everyone on the sex offender list are the creepy pedophiles we all hate. To ban everyone just of of one list, without knowing anyhting about them is just wrong.

k so dude, i thought you were

k so dude, i thought you were pretty much aligned with my thoughts, until the end where you essentially said "if you were a victim it's darwinism and it is your fault". Fucking daft. Outside of that stupid ideology, yeah, I'm usually against this sort of shit. This specific example I agree with, so a few innocent people are barred legally from playing on live etc. You're a shitty gamer to begin with for playing on consoles, but the point is suck it up. For every 10 guys that fucked a slighly younger girl in early college, there is one real pedo that has it harder. That is worth it, fucking pedos are all around, just suck it up. Ignoring the fact it's easy to get around, hopefully theres a few less kids raped by pedos, if you're really gonna complain about the civil liberty issue (my usual support) then you're obviously not thinking it through. Even one less kid getting raped by some dude is a worthy end result of a few hundred people not playing halo on live. Get the hell over it, and use a vpn and play another way. At least it weeds out the non technologically inclined pervs.

dumb ass

Your about the dumbest faggot I've seen in awhile. Do you still live with your mom? Do you take pics of little boys on the playground and post them on iMGSR.RU? Is that why you didn't post your email or name. Here's mine shithead, go play farmville some more and let the adults play adult games.

Isn't this the parents responsibility?

Isn't this the parents responsibility, or at the least, shouldn't the kid be wiser? A consumer needs to be aware of what one gets when one buys a product, both the advantages and disadvantages, the pleasures and the dangers.
Why must people suffer because of 1 persons mistake? Believe me, if a sexual offender wants to get its hands on someone, he'll get it done, no matter the restrictions.
Yet another bit of freedom exchanged for "security".

Unless the account ban comes

Unless the account ban comes with an IP ban then it's useless, nothing stops them from just making a new account... it takes like 5min to just come up with random info to fill it up. And even with an IP ban, there are ways to get around that too... :/ Not sure if they can actually ban the whole console though, they might be able to do it if there is a way to fully block a console from being used in any of their services and still allow it to be used to play SP.

Oh! And megagames could have

Oh! And megagames could have done some research as well, this was prompted by a 19 year old man luring a 12 year old boy to his house over XBoxLive. The man pled guilty for sexual assault on a minor... Sooo yeah. Kind of has a point.


So the sex offender owned or rented a place to reside in where he accomplished said deed. Shall we now ban all sex offenders from owning or renting apartments/houses? What about the air? Breathing surely helped him complete his task, as well. Withhold air from all registered sex offenders!!

Well what would stop them is

Well what would stop them is the simple fact the FBI watches these people very closely, MegaGames. So if they logged onto a friends account, that friends account would be banned.
That and they would have to explain why they were banned and most people can see through bullshit reasons, and since this is public they will more than likely suspect their "friend" of being a pedo.

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