Microsoft Confirms PS4 Can Be Connected To Xbox One

Microsoft executive Albert Panello confirmed that PlayStation 4 can be connected to Xbox One through the latter's HDMI-in port, thus allowing PS4 games to run within an Xbox One overlay.

Panello also confirmed that, using this setup, players can multi-task between the two rival consoles. "Any application can be snapped to a game... so if you wanted to be playing Ryse and Killzone at the same time, you could snap that," he said.

(Killzone is a PlayStation exclusive while Ryse is an Xbox exclusive.)

Evidently, any console that outputs to HDMI can be connected to Xbox One in the same mannar. Such consoles include Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U.

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Hmm... couldn't I... I dunno... don't TV's nowadays have more than one input? Christ it isn't like they run on old RF hookups. I'm pretty sure most TV's have at least 2 HDMI ports so here's the answer in my mind. Functionality of this is flipping useless. If you're that desperate to own and run both consoles at once that is what your TV INPUT button on the remote is for. Just run both damn systems and stfu.

really wow

please read the title of this news, stop starting a war of consoles of which is better, its not about the console, its about the games you play, so what if your playing in 1080p or maybe 4D, a crap game is still a crap game, so what if you have xbox1 or ps4 if your playing crappy games, making it super HD wont solve the problem.

Suggestion is smarter than you

Please realize Xbox can do 1080p and that a device running over HDMI would still be 1080p, if the device supports it. Doubt it matters to a fanboy though, you would still complain about the exact same resolution not looking as good under the assumption it's not 1080p. If it actually ran at 720i, I highly doubt you would be able to tell the difference anyway.

your an user error my friend

I have played both consoles and I must say neither one is superior over the other they both have flaws that make the gaming experience non-enjoyable so in conclusion they both need to go back to the factory and be destroyed......your friendly sony and Microsoft owner

Petty squables

Pmsl 1. If you like Sony, you like Sony. 2. If you like Microsoft, you like Microsoft. 3. If you like pc be that AMD or Intel powered you like pc. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and people are always going to disagree with others opinions the fact of the matter is you buy what you buy to play games on not to jerk off at how amazing the graphics are or how much processing power it has so gamers all over the world no matter which console you choose or how much you e spent on the latest overpriced graphics card stop these petulant arguments and go play you're fucking games................

Adding Insult to injury..

Okay, reading through comments below, you are all going around in a circle. 'PS is better than Xbox' 'Games are games' 'Xb1 is better than Ps4' PLUS! You insult eachother... Personally, I prefer the Computer. The possiblities are endless. Do you have to upgrade a lot? Yeah.. But the fact remains that a PC can do everything a console can, PLUS More.... And, to someone who asked if PC Gamers argue over specs... No, we argue over brands, types of graphics cards, which brand is better.. Not about specs, but the stuff that runs the computer. HOWEVER! We don't call eachother names, insult eachother for choices about the specs. No, we debate, we point out, we move on. All you console gamers sit here, bludgeon everyone with this and that when... It doesn't fucking matter. Also; Gaystation and Sexbox? How juvenile are you? Not everyone likes overlay, and I get that. Hell, when I use Steam, I hate the overlay function. I have played Consoles, I have played PC, I have had Lan parties, and I have modded consoles and computers alike. The outcome; Shut the fuck up, if you can't produce some form of intellegence, and not disrespect others. This is a place where Gamers should stand together, not quarrel over some petty crap because one person likes this, and another doesn't.

Both have problems

You can download wine for Mac to run exe files from a PC as u can on Linux GUI thort i would put that in there but as you guys think of it these consoles are both battling each other but you can't just look at the consoles you have to look at the developers of the company's that make the games from these consoles they can only place a certain amount of data on Xbox 1 were as ps4 can space double the data as it reads disks 32 bits faster than Xbox but on the other hand the quality of forza on Xbox 1 is real good as is FIFA on the ps4 so both have there ups and downs as if u play ghosts on ps4 it is a lot more glitchy than xbox1 I have had both and regrettably I sold my Xbox just because the price of things as gold package is £20 more than ps plus in the next 6 months but I think again as I say the both consoles have there ups and downs suck as USB usage on ps4 is void so no watching movies and also no flash player on ps4 were there is on Xbox 1 thank you for understanding my theory's to there consoles

nada nuevo

es como conectar el ps3 a una videograbadora nadamas cirbe como puente y ya eso es todo la verdad xbox one no ofrecio nada nuevo ni relebante a la nueva generacion

No way!

Who would have thunk it, hdmi input on one device means you can connect anything with hdmi output. Groundbreaking, unbelieveable, simply impossible. Or blindingly obvious... Way to make headlines!

I don't see the point...

So is this saying that by plugging a PS4 controller's HDMI port into an Xbox One controller's, you can play PS4 games on Xbox One? I sincerely hope not, for that would make the PS4 obsolete and Xbox is having some serious crap that they are trying to pull.


how would it make it obsolete? you still couldnt play the ps4 exclusive games without a ps4, same as you cant play xbox exclusives without an xbox, its just an overlay, its pointless really unless you wana be doing other stuff while playing games..... which few people do anyway i mean most people are too into their game to be needing or wanting overlays

I don't see the point...

So is this just saying that, through a plug that both controllers have, you can use them to control games that work with them? Pardon my (nonexistent) enthusiasm! What I don't understand is if this is supposed to mean that Xbox One can run PS4 games, making that console obsolete. I sincerely hope not, because I've heard about the absolute crap that Xbox is trying to pull with the One.

Listen, please

Hello, I am watching all of you fight from the sidelines. And I am sory for any spelling mistakes containing the word R as my r key is boken. Now onto what I was saying; the console is meant for stricly playing video games, not bowsing the internet or doing your homework. A gaming PC (I built mine for 700$ and I can play BF4 on ultra, and it looks much better on PC then a console) can also bowse the intenet, download music, watch movies, watch youtube, do you homework AND you have better graphics on the PC then the consoles. Look up online a comparison between PC andconsole graphics for BF4; there is in-fact a major difference. Now if you just dont care about the graphics then just got ahead and get yourself a console. But if you want to be a pro gamer, I would highly suggest getting a PC. PC= better graphics and more things to do (for the pro gamer/College person) Console = slightly worse gfx (but that is okay as it is your choice) meant for kids that just want to be able to play some of the latest games.

Computers are best

Not to mention... video/picture editing, Music editing, pretty much anything you can possibly dream of, a computer can do it. The only down side for computers is that it's really setup for one person use, although there are games where 2 can play at the same time, most computer games are 1 player only besides online. The computer though can play old games from new games without the need for changing systems to play them. Some may take work to get it going but it's worth it. Also a computer can do many emulators. You can play very very old console games and computer games. To me a computer will always beat any console. Now this coming from a person that has owned about every console that ever came out. Don't get me wrong, I still love consoles and they are good in their own ways. Nothing like busting out a 2 player game and throwing it down with a friend that came over to visit. Although now days we take turns playing and watching each other on BF4. Just as fun IMO.


There is no ps4 bios for pc and pc builders have already said they struggle to match ps4 due to ram latency ps4 has nearly 0 ram latency every pc has 500 ms plus I build a 2k machine with the titan card and personally I've seen battle field 4 look as good on ps4 especially the ambient effects also emulators for ps3 still don't work fully on pc so cut ya bs

Are you serious? It may be

Are you serious? It may be easy if you have parents to buy everything for you but us adults have to buy things for ourselves. It's not "easy" to drop several thousand dollars on a computer good enough to run ps3 emulators.

Are YOU serious?

I'm a working adult living with my partner working a shitty minimum wage job at mcdonalds, however through saving up I managed to get together about £1000 and buy my rig. It's twice as powerful as any console a thousand times more versatile and I get to play video games with other serious gamers, not a bunch of 10 year olds whos mum and dad buys it all for them. You don't even need to spend what I did on a decent PC, you could make a console like build with a mni-ITX motherboard and a 650Ti for little under £300. I should know because i'm building one for the living room. Consoles are obsolete. Only thing they have going for them is exclusives, which I'm more than happy to wait until the next-gen and pick up the console on the cheap to play through them.


Who would you settle for minimum wage at your job?? only 15 year olds make minimum wage, and not for very long.If you spent a week looking, you would find better pay. Thats why im calling BS

Are you actually stupid

Are you actually stupid enough to believe these two consoles can connect and play games on each other? Do you really think people will try and play killzone on the Xbox one when 1. The graphics are better on the ps4 and 2. If you have it for PS4 then why risk it and play it on another console when it could actually damage the disc. This would not work and I doubt Sony and Microsoft would let something like this happen

You realize you're not

You realize you're not playing the disc in the console, right? you play the ps4 through an HDMI input into the Xbox One, which can then snap both the ps4 operations and the xb1 to the screen at the same time...

How nieve are you???

Really? Obviously you're nothing more than a sony SAF fanboy... First off, you dont play PS4 discs in the Xbox One, you use the HDMI port in the back to overlay the two consoles.. and that's asuming that someone as stupid as you would be able to accomplish a complex thought. Secondly, who really gives a crap about the graphics argument?? Most of the time the most noticable difference in graphics comes from the fact that you're playing on a different tv, because what's the likelihood that someone would buy a game for both consoles??


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