Microsoft Congratulates Sony For Successful PlayStation 4 Launch

Microsoft congratulated Sony through the official Xbox Facebook page for PlayStation 4's successful launch today.

Similarly, Xbox Live' director of programming Larry Hryb (a.k.a. Major Nelson) used Twitter to congratulate Sony's Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes.

True to Japanese mannars, Yoshida was quick to respond to Hryb's message.

Microsoft Studios Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer and Xbox Director of Product Planning Albert Penello sent out similar messages.

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The last Xbox generation got

The last Xbox generation got fed up with how manipulative microsoft is. Gates is an arrogant ***, and his company reflects his arrogance. Forcing unwanted aspects of the new xbox on to the public initiated backlash that I've NEVER seen in console wars… So many people are switching over to Playstation, including myself, that i don't think people really understand whats actually happening.. This is the video gamers way of quietly sticking it to the man. F-U- Microsoft .. For all the headaches ..

Little ****

Sounds like a three year old repeating what some idiot friend said at school. Sir, Bill Gates has been relieved of most decision making in Microsoft since 2005, that is, almost a decade since he was at the helm. Yes, his still majority shareholder, but day to day decisions are part of Steve Ballmer and his mgmt team. You copy and paste all your lame posts on all news stories. Get off sucking Sony **** and playing COD, and at least open Wiki before posting stupid ****.


I liked that post earlier today and commented with good luck to them as well, I was surprised to see North American launch, as I haven't looked into it, I just assumed it was a global launch, no?

Are you really that

Are you really that enthralled in the video game world that you would think another human being would "huddle in a corner and cry why god why?" because one company congratulated another on a release of a product and wished them good luck? You have a lot of maturing to do, I feel sorry for you if you need everything in your life to be a confrontation. I however love rivalries, be it one branch of the military making fun of another branch, one college against another, or one team like my fav NYY against the dreaded Red Sox, but them playing against the Red Sox is hands down one of the funnest moments I have in professional sports. But at the end of the day, we're all on the same team. (be it this stuff is just examples of other things not having to do with video games, but with people like you, for some sad reason, it's just needed to make a point.) And not that's any of your business, I plan on having a PS4 in 6-8 months as well as my Xbox One asap, I just don't trust Sony when it comes to new products.

He still still is one

He is still a Xbox fanboy, just check few news back and you can see his fanboy ****. Typical murica teen, with even more typical need to end the senctence with childish LOL. Like that one hero said: "Dead giveaway!"

WOW MJ you broke a new record

WOW MJ you broke a new record, surprise surprise you actually said something smart for once. That removes you from the gullible idiotic ramblings you normally post on Megagames. Oh wait never mind you then went on to insult someones mom sigh.

"I just don't trust Sony when

"I just don't trust Sony when it comes to new products." Yeah, because the PS1,PS2, and the PS3 were all such failures /end sarcasm. And don't give me none of the "PSP and Vita flopped" BS because creating a console and creating a handheld are two very different things. Sony has an excellent track record when it comes to consoles, an unblemished 3 out of 3 have been successful, something that both Microsoft (Xbox lost to the PS2 pretty decisivley, and didn't sell as expected) and Nintendo (N64 didn't go over as well as they expected, we all know about the Virtual Boy) can't say.


And dont forget the epic +50% fail rate on Xbox360 lauch console before warranty was up. I wouldn't trust Microsoft when it comes to new products....

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