Microsoft is gifting Titanfall Xbox One's to Respawn devs

If you happen to work at Respawn and were partly responsible for the development and release of Titanfall, then Microsoft is giving you a big reward in the form of a custom painted Xbox One with a Titanfall skin and man does it look good.

Originally the Xbox One was criticised for looking like an old VCR player, but we were quickly proven wrong by the stark white version given to Microsoft employees that helped develop the console. However this Respawn version blows the white iteration out of the water. Just look at it.

While it's not known for sure, the story goes that originally these Xbox Ones were going to be part of a limited edition Titanfall bundle, giving buyers a copy of the game and this special branded console. However, due to costs associated with the creation of the custom One, the plan was scrapped and instead they're being gifted to Respawn employees.

However don't feel too left out. While you can't buy the fancy looking Xbox One, you can get ahold of the controller as part of the actual Titanfall bundle, which gives you a custom box along with the controller and a digital copy of the game, all for $500, which when considering the standard Xbox One without the game is still $500, it's quite a sweet deal.

That is if you consider buying an Xbox One a sweet deal in the first place, which I'm sure we're about to hear the counter point to below. Go nuts guys.

[Thanks AGB]

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oh yey, awesome cool post

I wanted to put up 3k for one of those white consoles to hold on to to resell later on, but it quickly rose way above that price, even I didn't expect that so soon... ppl have money to spend for sure. If they're smart, they won't open their "gifts" Pretty kewl to say the least, idk of any other company that does this.

it's not like that at all.

it's not like that at all. That would only make sense for those who make the physical console. Not to mention a hot rod is worth way more than this hunk of plastic. It would be more like taking the computer home from the office.

That analogy might sound nice

That analogy might sound nice on paper, but it just doesn't work that way. Devs would either already have the console, or not want it anyway. Either way, it's still a decent gift, being as you can sell it for at least 500 bucks.

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