Microsoft Kinda Apologizes For Always-Online Console Tweets

Microsoft issued an official apology for the way its creative director Adam Orth addressed fans while arguing for always-online consoles on Twitter yesterday.

“We apologize for the inappropriate comments made by an employee on Twitter yesterday”, the statement read. “This person is not a spokesperson for Microsoft, and his personal views do not reflect the customer centric approach we take to our products or how we would communicate directly with our loyal consumers. We are very sorry if this offended anyone, however we have not made any announcements about our product roadmap, and have no further comment on this matter.”

Interestingly, the statement made no effort whatsoever to refute the rumor that Xbox 720 (Durango) is an always-online console. It is also borderline funny how the statement claims that Microsoft Studio’s creative director’s opinion and views "do not reflect the customer centric approach we take to our products."

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Internet limitations

So with the Xbox always on that means its going to use data of my Internet. I know most people don't know this, but there's a limit you can hit before it slows down as well as they take a look at why you're using so much data. I guarantee it'll be a problem for most people coming up. Microsoft has never done anything to impress me besides party chat.

um... unless you have the

um... unless you have the worst service provider in the world I wouldn't worry about that. don't get me wrong, I'm against the always online thing, and refuse to get the new xbox if they do this. but not everyone has a bandwidth limit (what your talking about) thought most people do. most of the people who have it have a pretty high one, and even the people who can only download a few gigabytes wouldn't have to worry as this would use up very little bandwidth, online gaming only uses up a small amount, as apposed to downloading something

Microsoft just wants to

Microsoft just wants to guarantee their profit from charging people xbox live subscriptions. Or do you think xbox live is going to be free of charge on an always online console? There are plenty of morons that will bend for M$ and let them stick it all the way.

I know ...right?

John said it best.. All you people complaining, but still drooling over the next X box just tells me you like to get the shaft...without the grease OR the reach around. Games WILL NOT be cheaper, and if they say it will, then they are liars, but nobody will do a **** thing about it, because you already let them tie you to a cord an not let you re-sell your game..or buy a cheaper game. And they will sell a lot, and that will tell them you want even MORE of your freedoms removed. But after this round of *** rape there's not many freedoms to lose. I could forsee somewhere down the road messages like "We are sorry but this game is rated "M" and according to our records, there are children under the age of 18 at this IP address" or .. "The Surgeon General has advised that playing video games for longer than 4 hours is hazardous to your health. System shutting down in accordance with local and federal laws"

Outrageous Microsoft

How utterly distasteful Microsoft, as well as your Operating Systems Vista, 7, and 8 all within small time frame and terribly thought out, with the only priority being huge cash returns; you made a mockery of your own esteem. Now you do plague the gaming industry; first with your bad design, but we can overlook that, then with your faulty console made in utter haste, we can overlook this too. But how much are we to overlook? I am aware that a few of Microsoft's minions are hither, but nay, they only fool themselves, these greedy companies care little of this fragile and gentle industry and Microsoft is abusing it while it is incapable of such harshes. They behave like everybody has access to the internet especially 24/7 connection. But to connect just to play offline games? To be totally honest, most of the DLC seem like after thoughts. This is going to merely give Sony or other competitors more fuel for argument. I believe there is an old folk saying that goes like this "In trying to get more you may end up with less" to think that this will stop piracy is implying ducks are chickens. But live and learn, fools start what wise men finish.

Sounds like your the type who

Sounds like your the type who swears by mac products, and hates microsoft. Everyone has access to the internet including 24/7 access. The only issue is a hiccup that might knock you off the net, but oh no we have to complain of that 1% chance. Unless you live in a 3rd world country connecting through ISDN, than a next gen console is not for you.

whoa now ...hold on a second

I don't think the main issue is OUR connections. What would you say if you tried to play your new xbox and got a message saying something along the lines of "You are number 236 in the Queue, please do not turn off your machine" ? What if MS servers are down? This **** has been done on the PC side of things with Diablo 3 and Sim City. Another thing is if this always on thing turns out to be true, then don't you have to have a live account? A paid Live account? I'm a PC gamer and truly don't give a ****, but I love a good debate when it comes to big money organizations sticking the high hard one to it's meal ticket


Always Online is the way to go, less pirated stuff, lower prices, great for me, I'm a white man, in a white neighborhood, in the United States, I have no issues with always Online muhahaha.


"Less "pirated" stuff", LOL. "Lower prices", LMAO. "White man, in a white neighborhood, IN THE US", ROFLMFAO!!!!!! No wonder you're so ******* dumb.

In reality it would be harder

In reality it would be harder to pirate a game if it requires online authentication to run. I also highly doubt the black hat scene would make server emulation to get around that kind of authentication that quickly so in the end you are quite wrong. (Diablo 3 is a good example of attempted server emulation on the PC) Lower Prices? No comment on that, because at this point its all speculation on prices. Guy is living the American dream if he is in a all white neighborhood.

microsoft should be

microsoft should be apologizing to people who enjoy single player games and dont want a massive multi player or online components forced into all their games .then apologize to all the familys who cant afford a monthly fee to use a console and games they own. finally fire adam orth and sue him for every thing he owns

just wanted to say that in

just wanted to say that in this super hard economic climate when people lose there job and have a xbox 720 they give up there phone line and internet cos they can no longer afford it then what happens oh no we cant use our console offline anymore .. microsofts money making department will have thought about this and thought who gives a crap if there out of work they cant afford to buy games so they cant make us any money so we dont care

Listen good...

which is why you must only get yourself MS console 'after' and only after it has been dealth with... if you understand me. Then sweak/pimp machine; load it with everything and forget about on-line play altogether - like the old days. And let the so called loyal customers bend over and offer their *****! .... the rest of us traditionalist can do it like this while if Sony don't intend on raping us, can use that for online gaming and so on... by the looks of things as it stands today, Sony's PS4 is promising lots of things and most developers are very happy. As for nintendo they have a tough time attracting 3rd party support and so the sales of the wii u have nearly stalled. All the bots and other nintendo worshippers have bought theirs already.... now the normal people are thinking long and hard. on the other hand Angry Bird has 1.7 Billion (nearly 2 billion 2/7 of the world population) downloaded it! The iphone and ipad is killing the console/pc as we know it! ... wait and see. Folks like MS are only going to **** themselves out of greediness and will be one of those that help destroy gaming like atari and the gaming crash of the past.


To the people saying "its ok..." Always on means: 1) after that box isn't usable anymore all the games you brought ill be dead weight and you won't be able to use the box you paid for 2) if you happen to have an internet shortage or can't afford an unlimited connection you are scrwed and can't use the box you payed for 3) if you want to take your console to a remote place or on vacation and don't have internet connection, you can't use the box you payed for. 4) if the box requires always on connection, its a step closer to steam and system locked games, and this is very bad news on consoles....why on consoles and not on pc?well...for tthe las 20 years PC has been based on x86 architecture... consoles are based on what architecture the manufacturer thinks its better that generation...Ps2=motion engine, Ps3= power pc, Ps4= x86...If this happens you can't use your games from 1 gen to the next and thats why it's bad on consoles, because you wont be able to play the games you payed for......And im sure as **** im not paying 60 for a rental...I still have a lot of fun with my game gear my dreamcast and mastersystem

They tried to charge per

They tried to charge per month to play online ONLY because it was in their best interests, and NOT the players best interests. This worked because people still bought the console and paid per month for nothing, not a thing. The Wii, PS3, and most PC games are comparatively non pay per month. Now they will force always online ONLY because it is in their best interests, and NOT the players best interests. I predict people are just too stupid and sheepish, and they will buy this console and tolerate paying per month for nothing, and the always online "leash". The real problem is stupid sheepish people who support the console. Everyone else does not support this for good reason, and hypothetically if everyone did not support this the console would not exist in its current state. Indeed none of the stupidities of this would would persist if people would not cooperate with them. People are the reason for these things, a corporations job it to exploit their ignorance if possible for profit. Welcome "people farming 101", also known as planet Earth. See: "The Oiling of America", and "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" for similar situations.

Not good enough

Kinda apologizing ain't gonna cut it. They want my apology I want that ****** "Adam Orth" to personally fly to my country so I can take a picture of him kissing my *** and then post it on youtube for all to see. And then they can take out that "always online" garbage (at least tell ISP's catch up). I put food on those ******* tables, so I wouldn't expect any less.

Well to be fair he is right,

Well to be fair he is right, everyone is connected to the internet now and even if it is an issue of bandwidth it wouldn't always be seeding traffic only when she happens. What is the huge difference in what xbox does now? are you worried the hackers are gonna get to your personal stuff from your xbox? no because that is just stupid no pull your head out of your *** and realize nothing progresses with whiny little ******* complaining about always online try complaining about game quality.

I do not play multiplayer

I do not play multiplayer games. Why do I need my console connected to the internet? Not that it matters, because I am a PC user and would never own a console these days. Consoles are just dumbed down PC's for idiots with too much money.

I find the whole debate a bit

I find the whole debate a bit stupid. From a PC standpoint your system is "always connected" as well. There are services that require you to be online always to use their products. So i don't understand why all this idiotism has to continue. You don't like the Always online platform? go live under a rock, cause netflix won't play offline either.

Surely its the user's choice

Surely its the user's choice whether they want to be connected or not so the option should be there rather than forced upon us. I also found your comment about the third world in an earlier post crass, arrogant and racist. You have demonstrated on several occasions that only your opinion matters and its getting rather tiresome.


Bend over, more, more, just a little more, good. Now let me stick this thing up you, come on, you can take it (hey look at this guys, he's still taking it :D) annnnd, you just became Micro$oft's *****! Oh, War, we just all love that completely "right winged" attitude of yours...

Netflix has no way of being

Netflix has no way of being an offline service, thats why its always online. A console on the other hand has no real excuse for being always online, people are used to playing them even if they have no internet available for whatever reason and they are being vocal about it. People who defend always online, like you, only offer poor excuses and silly comparisons such as "everyone has internet" and "go live under a rock" instead of addressing real problems.

So because one console is

So because one console is going the always online route everyone has to moan and cry? If you don't like it don't buy it. You want a console that isn't always online? go get a PS4 for nextgen. Do I like microsoft products? Yea I do, so does that make me a fan boy? I don't think so. I just like good innovation and Microsoft has done a pretty decent job so far. So I am very interested if this always online route will be something to look forward to in nextgen's after the current next gen releases. For all you whiners right now could just be crying over split milk when future nextgen consoles all have online only features.

That's some funny **** right there

People were "excited" to play Diablo III and Simcity when they were released. We know what happened to them ....right? And sure it got fixed LATER, but people actually paid for those games in advance, so they could play the midnight it was released. They had their game in hands, manual open, PCs fired up with a big bottle of Mountain Dew, just ready to kill it until daylight...........They couldn't because of server authentication. Their internet worked just fine, but it was the people who forced online authentication that couldn't provide for the people who already paid. The company knew how many customers it was going to have, but still the servers could not keep up with demand. I'm glad it happened that way because now when there's talk of a game going "always on" and crap like that, the customers who know better will speak out and the hardcore will NOT BUY a game that puts them at the mercy of some server. To think that there will be cheaper games is laughable because there is not one reason to believe it. Never in the history of gaming has the next gen games been cheaper than the last. On Amazon they have Watch Dogs listed for $99.00 pre-order for the PS4. Now that may not be the right price, but I'll make a big bet and say that if there are enough of those $99 pre-orders, then that will be roughly the cost of these new games. Don't think that Sony will not capitalize on M$ screw ups. The general mode of thought will be...."Either you get screwed by us ...or them...Make your choice" And I made my choice a long time ago and invested in my PC. I'm trying to bring a friend over where I'm at, but he's hooked on Achievements and all that other B.S. and I have a feeling that his "XBox no matter what" attitude is going to cost him a lot of money and frustration in the near future.

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