Microsoft now Including Headset WIth Xbox One Bundle


Microsoft's flip flop policy making is continuing apace, with the reveal that it will in-fact be including a headset in the bundle pack for its next-gen Xbox One console. This is counter to its original plan where if you wanted to chat to people online, you'd have to put down another few dollars for the privilege - or use your Kinect.

The reason we know about this, is because of a newly revised box contents posted over at Electronic Theatre and was revealed by GEM, the official Microsoft UK distributor for Xbox products.

Until now it was thought that even when spending $499, a further few bucks would have to go on a headset. You might still want to do that though, as chances are the bundled headset won't be anything impressive.

And no, your Xbox 360 headset won't work with the Xbox One - though Microsoft has said it might be able to develop some sort of adapter.

Of course this isn't the first time that Microsoft has U-turned on Xbox One policy. Initially it promised cloud computing, family game library sharing and no disc-gameplay, in exchange for a daily activation check and no game disc lending. After much gamer uproar though, it removed all of the above.

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Scotty! When will we be

Scotty! When will we be operational?! We have multiple Klingon ships closing in fast! I dunno suh. The old girl is leakin a wee bit 'an I need some more time for.... Damage control. Maximum damage control.

cloud computing

ms havnt removed the cloud computing from the xbox one they have changed the daily activation family game library sharing and the on disc gaming. the cloud stuff is staying. just thought I would say as mg have got it wrong


Well, the potential has been scythed by the removal of the daily activation system and always on nature of the console. Without that, developers are less likely to try and implement the cloud features as there's no way to guarantee a player is online to benefit from them.

ugh huh

sony is kissing customers ***** right now.. did you not see what ps4 has in store? its **** ******* the hell outta microshaft! anyone who actually buys a failbox 1, should get there head examined.

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