Microsoft Offers $75 To Xbox 360 Owners Who Buy Xbox One

Microsoft is offering $75 credit to Xbox 360 owners who purchase an Xbox One before the end of the month.

It is unclear whether the promotion is available to all Xbox 360 owners, but we've been able to confirm that a large number of Xbox 360 owners have received a notification from Microsoft informing them of the offer.

The promotion is intended for Xbox 360 owners who purchase a new Xbox One console between July 7th and July 31st from Microsoft store or any U.S. retailer. Eligible customers will receive their $75 gift codes by August 15th. The codes must be redeemed before October 15th and they are valid for one year only.

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Desperate much?

The resounding toll of desperation is becoming more pronounced every day @ MS. However, Sony is no better with their "Hey everyone, buy these games digitally now and we will have them ready for you when they release on day year! ****-off M$$0ny!

I'd rather they refund me the

I'd rather they refund me the whole $110 I spent on my Xbox 360 unit and keep their **** diseased cloud infested Xbone trash. Hell just keep the money and give me a giant barrel, a match, firewood, an Xbone. So I can throw all my Microshit crap in there and lite it on fire. Then send the remains back to M$ headquarters.


$75 rebate is still NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH to buy your piece of ****. I'm not buying either of the "next-gen" consoles. I'll stick to my PC, which has always and WILL ALWAYS look way better than consoles. PERIOD ! and don't start the arguement that i have too upgrade to play new games after a few years and that yuo only have to purchase something once. BULLSHIT. My Last PC build lasted from 360 release until now..9yrs and after only one video card upgrade, i can still play BF4 in ultra at 80fps...but i still went ahead and built a new system that will outlast your ONE and the next one. SO choke on that consolers


You're saying that the PC you got in 2005 plays Battlefield 4 at 80fps with just one video card upgrade? Haha, that's the biggest load of crap i've heard in a while.

Not quite... Processors don

Not quite... Processors don't fall to the way side quite as fast as GPUs... I'd assume he/she isn't at any resolution over 1080p and probably has AA off or on low... A lot of the older AMD processors and Intel processors are still quite formidable today... And if not, a simple $100 range cpu would handle it. 80fps might be an overstatement but, I could see 80 at times with an average of say, 45ish and maybe 60.


He also said he had everything on ultra so i assumed he meant everything on the highest setting. I really dont believe a dual core, 4gb ram and a decent video card can do that. I have a i7-970 Hexa core 3.2Ghz, GTX 570 and 12gb ram and it's over 3 years old and i play bf4 on Very high, but have AA on low setting since i want to have at least 60 ish fps. That's why i don't believe him for a second


So what you're saying is that you spent way more money on a computer than the cost of two consoles combined. To each their own, I suppose...

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