Microsoft Is Working In Secret On A New PC RTS Game

A job vacancy listing on its website has revealed that Microsoft is secretly working on an unannounced online Real Time Strategy (RTS) game for PC.

In the job listing, Microsoft is looking for a Community Manager that would work "to drive engaging and innovative end-to-end user experiences for an exciting new online PC Real Time Strategy game."

According to the listing, the community manager's duties are to "work closely with Team leads, Marketing and PR on strategic initiatives within our communities, and help evangelize our Game's story to the world."

Microsoft already has the prestigious Age of Empires and Age of Mythology PC RTS franchises and it has recently released the Xbox 360 exclusive Halo Wars RTS.

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tru dat

Good point, why write an article about a job posting? LoL. There are millions of job postings world wide. You could pull anything out of your ass that way.

Thats not news worthy!!


I would put my money on AOE4 as well. Rise of Nations was great too, but AOE series was Microsoft's greatest.

Plus, Age of Empires® III: Complete Collection went on sale this weekend on steam. Maybe a coincidence, but alot of times old series go on sale right before a new one is announced or released.


Yeah maybe AOE4 however I was to understand that they're AOE online franchise was still churning dollars? RON2 by my estimates, but that would still be awesome.


Gotta love that kind of news... Breaking News! Someone is developping some new game somewhere! The name of the game is unknown at the moment but we've been told by a very reliable source that the the left mouse button will be used to fire and the right will be used to some kind of aiming abilities! Sources also mentions the possibility to switch weapons and some menu screen accessed with the use of the "ESC" key. That will surely keep my eyes on the lookout!


The point is that it's an RTS, and quality RTS has been in short supply for years.

If it was a new online FPS, no one would give a shit.... well I wouldn't anyway.

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