Microsoft's New Xbox Reward System Gives you $$$


Microsoft has detailed its new Xbox reward system now that it's switched it all over to real money. It'll work mostly the same as before, but with a load of new reward options for buying games, referring friends or simply renewing your gold account membership.

You'll still be able earn cashback rebates on your XBL purchases if you get your gamer score up there, never fear, but performing other tasks will net you Microsoft credits too. When you've got enough of those (5,000) they're converted out to $5 credit on your account.

Don't worry though, you won't be earning 100 points here, 100 points there; you can earn a few thousand a time by doing a few simple things.

  • 3,000 for renewing your gold membership
  • 1,000 for referring a friend
  • 3,000 for completing a film and TV punchcard
  • Take a survey for another 250
  • Play a new game for 1,000

They aren't the only ways either, but you can find out the rest over at the Microsoft rewards page.

While these have only been introduced on the Xbox 360 for now, they will of course come into play when the Xbox One is released on the 22nd November later this year. It will also from that time on continue on the 360 too.

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Can't wait to get so many new friends who immidiatly ask if i want something they are playing. And then only send new messages when they get new games and once again ask if i want it too. come on people this will just be like facebook games. you will get an inbox full of spam and people that bother you,so they get some credit. Its even more (and most likely cheaper) advertising then xbox already has But guess what, you will share too because: MONEY thats why.

$1.29 Hot N Spicy McChicken

I'v had the Live rewards since day one when they released it. This new point system, and new minimum point system is interesting. Though I doubt I will be using it much since I'v gone PC master race again. I also see a few of you guys bashing the survey's. To me it sounds like you never participated in one before. The Microsoft survey's I'v taken over the years have always been plain, and simple. A few simple questions about Microsoft products or about things you like. I remember once just answering one question, and getting 20 msp. So if you guys are going to cry over a simple survey system like that you guys are just morons. Move on to your PS4, and have at it with their junk. I honestly won't take sides with either console. I just hate people bashing on retarded things they never even used before.

can anyone tell me what the

can anyone tell me what the new xbox one is trying to be I want a games machine not a tv channel full of adverts and other ***** go back to be a console for **** sake. and stop overclocking the light of death **** heads. I can see this being just as bad as the xbox 360. BRING ON PS4 If you have plains on buying an xbox one instead why don't you just forwards your payment to my paypal account

"What the new xbox one is

"What the new xbox one is trying to be" Its trying to be an all in one media centre, with M$oft been the controller of all your viewing content, specifically aimed at peoples lounges. Its no longer a games console, it can play games but much more. Sadly its master of nothing and so its gaming performance will suffer within a year in comparison to PS4. Any Xbox 360 owner wanting the next gen gaming console should be buying PS4 unless they desperately need the 360 exclusive sequels.


PC = Pure Gaming ..... Consoles call me when u can match my graphics, my online experience, and ooooohhhh of course my ability to upgrade or rebuild when the FU** i want tooooo.

PC = Pure Gaming? Are you on

PC = Pure Gaming? Are you on crack or something? The very thing that makes the PC superior to any console is the fact that it's a general purpose machine, able to do anything and everything a console does, better than the console itself and then do a lot of other things the console can't. Go away, the PC scene doesn't need people like you who use PCs with the mindset of console kiddies.

Agree with this to a degree

Agree with this to a degree although its a different demographic whom play consoles only so you can't really compare the two. As a PC gamer PS4 appeals to me not because im a 'console kiddy' (at 44 thats a bit of a stretch to call me) but for the exclusives which won't ever be ported. Also I much prefer driving games on the consoles - don't ask me why lol. Xbox has nothing of appeal to me because its Microsoft and the only game I know I want, Titanfall will be much better on the PC anyhow. So yeah a PC does much more and HOWEVER it will only play games better than the next gen consoles IF YOU INVESTED or plan to invest money into the GPU and CPU. **** right about PC scene not needing this sort of ****** though ;-)

Sad ****, you do realise

Sad ****, you do realise loads of pre ordered ps4's are by pc gamers dont you? Im a pc gamer, have been for over twenty five years and cant wait to get my hands on the new tech to play infamous second son and anything by Naughty Dog and the other Sony devs. All this bollox is like my dad is bigger than your dad when we were 7 at school. Grow up!

these are things the game

these are things the game company has to deal with not microsoft.... microsofts frame work for live (simply for games, since other stuff doesn't count as they have adds and sell you things) cost less than what it costs the game devs to host the servers that their games multiplayer runs
You voted 'no'.

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