MVP Baseball 2004 Ships

MVP Baseball 2004, an authentic and deep simulation of America's pastime from Electronic Arts, has shipped today to retailers nationwide under the EA SPORTS brand.

MVP Baseball 2004 features gameplay changes and improvements that put users in control at the plate, in the field, and on the base paths. The EA SPORTS Pure Swing System offers unique swing types and signature cuts. The Big Play Control allows for diving and sliding catches, user-controlled slides, and home plate collisions, all with a touch of the right analog stick.

This new outing for the series features an official Minor League Baseball license, a revamped EA SPORTS Dynasty Mode that lets players control all aspects of Class AA and AAA farm teams in addition to the parent MLB club, new Pitcher Showdown and Manager Modes, and all-new online play through EA SPORTS online on the PlayStation 2 and PC but no XBox Live since the EA MS squabble is still going strong.

Developed by EA Canada, MVP Baseball 2004 is available on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and PC-CD. The game will have an MSRP of USD 49.95 for all three console versions and USD 39.95 on PC.
Follow the download tab above to visit the game's official site and to play the teaser game that EA have there.

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