New ATI R600 Details - Update

[[More R600 Details]]

Following our recent revelations regarding the specs of ATIs DX10 beast and the new nomenclature, we can now offer you some further, quite impressive, details regarding the abilities of the R600.

The R600 becomes all the more impressive when you consider that its design marks a departure from traditional architecture and introduces a new philosophy to graphics card manufacture. The most obvious change is the introduction of Unified Shader Architecture; the method of using all 64 available shaders for either pixel or vertex purposes or for a combination of both. Considering that you will now have 64 shaders, compared to the previous maximum of 48, and the increased flexibility of the Unified Shader Architecture, performance should greatly improve.

The new cards will be manufactured using both 80 and 65nm techniques although ATI has not clarified how or why the cards will be split in such a way.

There have also been references to the R600 utilizing GDDR 4 although it is not clear if that type of memory will feature in boards later on in the product cycle of the R600.

Being a DX10 product the ATI Radeon HD 2xxx range will fully support, and be supported, by the Windows Vista OS while the GPU clock speeds are unlikely to increase greatly compared to the company's current high-end boards.

Finally one big surprise is expected if ATIs new design concept proves worthwhile. The flexibility of the design may allow for the GPU to perform additional tasks such as hardware physics. It is not yet clear if physics support will be implemented from day one or what kind of support ATI has secured from developers but this is an idea which the company has been championing for some time now so expect more news as the R600 launch approaches.

[[AMD/ATI DX10 Lineup Named]]

AMD has named its upcoming ATI Radeon DirectX 10 product lineup. The new DirectX 10 product family will be the ATI series.

On top of the chain is the ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT with an impressive 320 stream processors (over twice as many as NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 GTX) and 512-bit memory interface with eight channels.

On the mid-range is the ATI Radeon HD 2600 with Pro and XT models, while the ATI Radeon HD 2400 with its Pro and XT models will target low end systems.

The whole HD 2xxx series will support Crossfire natively, eliminating the need for the external Crossfire Dongle. The series also supports128-bit HDR rendering and 24x anti-aliasingas well as physics processing.

The whole ATI Radeon HD 2xxx family is expected to be launched within a few weeks.

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New ATI R600 Details - Update

about time they did this... its been what? almost 6 months, and it will be 6 months, by the time this is out since Nvidia launched there 8800's.... at that time distance its not really fair to even put them in the same catagory. sure ATI has beat Nvidia with this card....(or so it seems) but Nvidia just did that to ATI half a year ago... the 8800's were almost twice as fast as anything else out there.... the fact that it took ATI this long to get this out is almost bad becuse people who wanted to upgrade in the past little while have all gone with Nvidia, unless of course there die hard fanboys....

New ATI R600 Details - Update

maybe true, but can you name a single DX game that AT THIS MOMENT will force people to upgrade. Dont get me wrong but even by buying the best 8800, what insurance do I have that I can play crysis with it at great FPS with max details - HA. Kudos to ATI

New ATI R600 Details - Update

Up untill the launch of the nvidia 8800's there was really only one huge difference between ATI & Nvidia flag ship cards & that was the price!!If ATI keep there DX-10 cards @ a lower price than nvidia top cards then i will stick with ATI for sure!!

New ATI R600 Details - Update

tbh i think ill wait for the 2nd gen dx10 hardware.They are working on getting lower power consumption with more processing power (like conroe) and i dont think they will be really that far away from now, maybe the last quarter of 2007 ?

New ATI R600 Details - Update

at anonymous (a while ago)...ATI wouldn't have had a working card until recently and DX10 would have been incorporated into games quite a long time ago, probably the same time as the Nvidia chipsets came out. So all games in the near future will be Nvidia. Im not biased toward either side, whoever can give me the fastest card, cheapest price and best driver support. Im just saying Nvidia definitely have the upper hand for the time being. Especially with the financial problems AMD are facing. I know its a whole seperate issue, but it would be really bad if AMDs take over of ATI ended up making them both bankrupt.

New ATI R600 Details - Update

Alex you serious ? Biased or not its bulls**t. Firstly may I remind u Xbox360 arhitecture? - Unified shaders by ATI. 2nd DX10 an API, an environment, set of instructions for devices to carry - both will do absolutely same math. 3rd reverse theory - 8x00 came out too early not taking advantage of DX10 games while ATI had to prepare and perhaps work on BG... I mean get real man

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