New The Bureau XCOM Declassified Trailer


A new trailer has appeared for FPS XCOM spin off, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, showing a bespectacled Dominick Monaghan (Merry from Lord of the Rings), running through a field and chasing down something eerie. He's also got an awesomely massive mobile phone that's letting him give updates to his trying-to-stay-calm superior.

I won't spoil what happens, even if there isn't much beyond what I've explained above, but the tone it sets is very good. This game has certainly come a long way from the initial poor reaction it received. Remember? Back before we even heard about the remake of the original turn based strategy game?

This is of course just one of the many AR like trailers that 2k has released for their FPS XCOM title and it's setting a great mood for the game's release, but are you excited for it?

Mixing XCOM story - and a new one mind you, a prequel to anything we've played so far - with a Mass Effect style combat system could be very interesting - but the jury is still out on whether it's going to be good or not.

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Dominick must just be an XCOM

Dominick must just be an XCOM player because if my memory doesnt fail, he likes to play games on PC or maybe just loved XCOM on a console as the PSX. He also does a lot of work outside the main channels of the trade and sometimes free of charge as to sponser himself and others. Equally, this is going to be a good game if they somehow manage to make a mixed shooter with real actor videos ala Command and Conquer. Actually, MIB has more market than XCOM so if they are using XCOM, someone with knowledge knows this and doesnt care or even thinks that its better to use an XCOM setting because MIB is pretty much comedy and that doesnt sell as well on a PC or any other platform for that matter. I dont see how someone is destroying the XCOM brand when we just received a revised version of the strategy game and wouldnt mind playing it in a different way, just for fun and inception. If something ruined the brand, it was the strategy game since it was just an awesome watered down version of the originals. Still, I played it three days without stop and without a heart attack. It was that good. Never happened on the originals and I loved them. Just to say, sometimes a good time in bed with the daughter of your loved one is better than a year of love with her mother. If you bring that server on, I will bring it down if the game is good or decent. Within respect. You know how, I will use the black probe as to learn your numbers and then mind **** you without anything alike as a computer. You write as a grey hat or black hat, both receive the same from me.

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