New Lords of the Fallen Trailer Is Huge

Lords of the Fallen

The first trailer for Deck 13 and CI Interactive developed Lords of the Fallen has just landed and boy is it a doozy. It features undead sword wielders, giant ice beasts and something quite clearly resembling a city sized hand. This game looks set to be huge.

With clear inspiration from Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, DarkSiders, Shadow of the Colossus and a smattering of the Warhammer and 40k universes, Lords of the Fallen has a great looking aesthetic that I'm looking forward to seeing gameplay. Yes this is just a CGI trailer, so it doesn't really tell us much about what the game will be like, but we've heard before that the focus will be on one on one combat, instead of just mobbing the player with smaller enemies.

It won't be long before we get a look at this though, as it's set to be debuted this week during Gamescom.

Despite our lack of knowledge, looking at the trailer, Magic looks likely to make an appearance, as the protagonist duplicates himself at one point, similarly to how a lot of bosses have done so in the history of video games, and he sends some sort of energy blast into the face of the big yeti creature.

If you're worried that the co-developers don't have other games of this type under their belt, consider that the lead developer is Tomasz Gop, former senior producer of The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings - so he should know what he's doing.

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same thoughts...

It does look "epic" if you state huge monsters to be kinda epic. Actually it´s pretty much boring sort of: we put up a hero to fight the huge evil...some sort of monster. Imho this is trapped into old myth meme types... PLEASE invent something NEW (!). That´s arcade ported right into 2013...*sigh*

WARNING: SPOIL ALERT! *Contains the truth*

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