New RRAM Tech Puts 1TB On One Chip, 20X Faster Than NAND Flash

The amount of storage available in smartphones and tablets might increase dramatically in the near future, thanks to a new innovation by Santa Clara, California-based startup, Crossbar.

In an official press release, Crossbar revealed its Resistive RAM (RRAM) technology. According to the press release, 1TB of RRAM can be put on a single 200 mm2 chip. Furthermore, several RRAM chips can be stacked on top of each other to create a single memory unit.

Crossbar also claims that RRAM is 20 times faster than the current best NAND Flash memory chip and uses 20 times less power.

The company affirmed that it has already produced an RRAM memory chip at a commercial fabrication facility. In addition to selling RRAM products directly, Crossbar also plans to license the technology to other companies. "Currently, we are in discussions with foundries," a spokesperson explained. "Over the next 2-3 years we'll be rolling out solution starting with embedded, then standalone Crossbar product and finally move into the IP licensing stage."

The company hasn’t revealed the new memory’s expected market price, but it assured that RRAM "has a much better area efficiency and better performance than NAND. Crossbar will be able to provide, for the same cost, twice the density of NAND with much better performance."

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It's not new

This is far from NEW tech news and given the current memory of most smartphones and tablets I wouldn't expect this to be localized into any public name brand devices for some time given the price hike that would certainly come into play. They can't even make better ******* cameras in most devices without it going up an extra hundred bucks let alone new memory chips that probably start at 300 - 500 dollars if not more. Cost effective vs performance, doubt it.

I hope you do realize .. How

I hope you do realize .. How ******* retarded you really are. Things aren't expensive because they're expensive to make, but rather, because the companies know that they can sell it for an insane amount of cash.. The production cost of the latest Iphone for example.. It's ridiculous how cheap things are to make in china with child and underpaid labor.

I'm not surprised...

Another ****** who fails at reading comprehension. I said nothing about the expenses being the result of corporate conspiracies to inflate prices or China raping America because of lower wages. Furthermore and I am quoting you here by the way (See what i did there) "Things aren't expensive because they're expensive to make, but rather, because the companies know that they can sell it for an insane amount of cash." That right there has got to be the single most ignorant ******* generalization of business practice I ever read. I hope now you realize just how ******* retarded YOU really are not to mention an intellectual moron. Get your **** out of here. :)

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