New Wii U advert is very obvious

Nintendo's had a lot of problems with its Wii U console. Some of it was related to underpowered hardware compared to offerings from other companies, some of it is that the game library has been a bit weak until recently, but the biggest problem has been marketing: most people that would be interested in a Wii U barely know it exists and even if they do, they probably just think it's a Wii accessory.

That won't be the case when they watch this new Wii U advert, that makes it very, very clear that the console is a brand new thing; a replacement for the Wii rather than a neat addition.

Throughout it shows a lot of multi-racial and multi-age groups playing together, often with the gamepad player doing something different with it, like blowing on it - which seems like a simple way to get spit all over your touch screen - but in every instance everyone is having a whale of a time.

What will be interesting to see is if after Christmmas we start to see a bigger Wii U uptake. This would certainly mirror the sales activity of a similarly problematic launch console, the 3DS, which didn't do well at all during its first year and now has over 40 million of itself out in the wild.

Do any of you have a Wii U or plan to pick one up soon? I probably would have grabbed one if I hadn't spent a few hundred on an Oculus Rift.

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The problem is the wii u pad

The problem is the wii u pad is a good idea, but developers are not going to want to spend money on making one version for the PS4 and xbox 1, then have to make another version just for the wii u to make use of the pad. Sad really as I had alot of fun with the Wii but as soon as I saw the Wii u pad, I just could not see it taking off.

pfft.. nintendo? what it

pfft.. nintendo? what it gonna offer for play? another mario? dude, i played mario in the 90's and the princess is still getting kidnapped. please, its time to move on. nintendo better be like sega, when they never learn,


WTF is this ****? First interracial bathrooms, interracial bus rides, interracial sex & then interracial marriage & now we got interracial ******* gaming?!!! WTF is the world coming to MG? I mean seriously WTF's next, some gimmicky gadget to stick on your dog to take it for a virtual walk so you can do some interspecies gaming? Some ******* gaming? No wonder this world is such a ****. Niggers, gooks & honkeys all playing video games together! Heil Hitler!" am I right MG? Am I right?

I'm not black sir but you are

I'm not black sir but you are a scumbag that should be shot on site, but since you hide in your mamas basement and can't afford even the electrical bills. One can only surmise you have issues because you were molested by trannies as a child. Which could explain your ****** outbursts of racial discrimination.

Yeah we are mulch-etnic

Yeah we are mulch-etnic friends and we play on a crap console! We like being apart!!! Seriously, just get a pc and get like 10 good quality games on christmas sales for the price of one stupid tablet-controller that we finish in a closet in less than two years.

Who has really changed here?

I love how the lot of you are hating on Nintendo, yet likely grew up playing Nintendo consoles and having a blast. By and large Nintendo consoles have always been weaker than their competition (looking at you N64, Gamecube, Wii, etc.) but what they do put out is constantly fun and entertaining games. Nintendo has never changed their target demo. Kids still love them. You might have grown up and "outgrown" Nintendo, but they are still doing what they do best. I have all three next-gen consoles, and the Wii U is great for what it does. Will I get much on it aside from it's franchise classics? Probably not, but for the entertainment I have had with it thus far, it's been well worth the cost of purchase. Maybe you should actually TRY the system before you say it's worthless.

My Nintendo 64 still beats

My Nintendo 64 still beats the Wii U any day of the week. The Nintendo DSi platform beats the **** out of the Wii U as well. The U isn't worthless, but just bad tech at the wrong time. You can spend the exact same cash and buy a nice tablet which can emulate older Nin systems just fine. Plus the kids will have lots to do with a tablet vs a glorified Wii U even the game dev's spit on.


Tri Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU, very similar to the Xbox 360 chip. The CPU features 2 MB cache, 1 MB for Core 0, and 512 KB for cores 1 and 2 2 GB RAM: 1 GB is allocated for games and is shared between the CPU and the GPU, while 1 GB is allocated to the operating system. Custom 40nm AMD GPU with 32 MB embedded eDRAM and unified shader architecture 25 GB Blu-ray based disc 8 / 32 GB internal flash memory Custom, Nintendo-made Wii U operating system that runs on a separate, ARM-based processor. Dedicated 120 MHz audio processor, 6 channel audio for console, 2 channel for controller 512 MB separate on-board flash storage for the OS only ther is one stand alone CPU for the OS, so the main is exclusively used for the game. Power PC CPU can't be compare to an intel, why ? because they are too different in functioning , managing cache, register , and threads is managing very differently that we cant compare the wii u with the other AMD build for cpu and gpu. The developper who can do a good exploitation of the PPC register and "candy" from the cpu, will be able to turn game , maybe with graphic with a quality a little bit less than ps4 and xb1. But the problem here is in the number of developper with the knowledge to exploit it. That was the big problem of the CELL technology with PS3. The CPU CELL is a diamond for the register , cache , efficacity to manage threads, He give head-hatche to developper and doesn't exploit it like it can take. Also ps3 has 256meg of RAM.... the kill this technology with the probleme to deal with a game like skyrim with 256 meg of ram and a misundersanding of the cell capability. So, to bad for wii-u , in therm of technology, they chose good, but for reach more game devlopper that the can use PPC technology , they cut the branche where they stand...

Cell was a horrible design of

Cell was a horrible design of a processor and so is the Wii U CPU. High theoretical computational performance is only good for scientific calculations and encoding/decoding which are basically just simple algorithms run over and over again. It's not the developers fault they can't extract more performance from Cell, it is simply not a good architecture for advanced game engines. Its sole purpose was to be good at decoding Blu-ray movies so that separate decoding hardware wouldn't be needed, thus reducing manufacturing costs of the PS3. Also, any Intel or AMD CPU blew the Cell out of the water in terms of raw computational performance even at the time of the PS3 release.

How is it not an accessory?

You have to have a wii to use the Wii U so it is an accessory. Hell I was about to buy a wii this year for christmas but then realized i would need the wii u for a lot of games so said **** it. 200 dollars for a controller is bullshit.

You cant just buy the Wii U

You cant just buy the Wii U gamepad, the only way to get it is to buy the Wii U (Console and touch screen controller). If it was just an accessory why wouldnt Nintendo sell the controller by itself as well as sell it in a package? dumbass

Your a ******* idiot dude,

Your a ******* idiot dude, its not just a controller, go try to connect a Wii U controller to a Wii and see I far you get. The Wii U is a DIFFERENT console than the Wii, this new console comes with a new touchscreen controller that is exclusive to the Wii U. The touchscreen controller isnt called the Wii U, the Wii U is a CONSOLE that uses and comes with a touchscreen controller.


If I am an idiot on this then there are a lot more who are, and nintendo failed for not educating us. My impression is that the only difference between a wii and a wii u is a bulky *** pointless controller. The games even look the same. I was interested in Zelda but can't see myself using that controller for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Toad, I confirm what everyone

Toad, I confirm what everyone is saying: You're a real top of the line dumbass. The biggest dumbass I've met yet! You talk like you know everything and called everyone else idiots when it's really you who is in the dark. Wii U is a completely new console you ******! It has a processor similar to the Xbox 360, but a bit more powerful. Why don't you stop posting on forums. It's clear that you barely do research let alone think.

Well your impression is wrong

Well your impression is wrong. The Wii U isnt "just a new controller for the Wii" it is an entire console all by itself, and one of it's main features is that the controller that it comes with has a touch screen on it. The Wii U CONSOLE is more powerful than the PS3 and X360, just not by much, and obviously considerably weaker than the PS4 and Xbox One. Get your ******* facts straight before you get on here making yourself look like a complete idiot.

My smartphone has better

My smartphone has better capability. There is no excuse for this. Nintendo for a decade has been controlled by INVESTORS. Not innovation. They will take a "Texus Intruments" calculator from 1950 and base profit on it. "Can mario play on this ancient device" "yes" "how much?" "3pence", how much can we sell it for "200+". Do it. Do it yesterday.

Cry me a river Troll

"The whole lot of you are complete ******* losers. No one gives a **** about Nintendo. Only losers like yourselves could whine and ***** over their pokemons." Cry me a river *****, we are laughing at you, not with you.... LULZ

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