Next Killer Instinct Update Will Send Rage-Quitters To Jail

The next Killer Instinct update will introduce jail time penalty for repeat rage quitters.

With the new rules in place, players who disconnect in more than 15% of their ranked multiplayer matches will be sent to in-game jail for 24 hours.

While locked away, the prisoners will be marked with a special icon and will be able to play only against other imprisoned quitters. Jail time is increased by 24 hours for each repeated offense, up to a maximum of 120 hours.

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This is ******* retarded. I

This is ******* retarded. I hate games that do this. I mean, I don't play fighting games, but shooter games do this too. They punish people who leave matches. But when I join a match and the enemy team is 90% of the way to victory and has a full team, and my team has four people and hardly any points, I'm going to leave that match. **** that bullshit. If I get punished for that, I just sell the game and play something else. If this becomes the norm I will only play games that don't have this retarded feature.

Whalecum to 2014!!

Freedom and democracy imagine having those taken away from you, imagine living on the streets no home, no partner, no life goals. Now imagine taking a life because that is all it comes down to when asking "Why?". The better question is "Why is abortion even considered legal?" it's cause a sum of human scum on this planet believe its their god given right.


This why gamers have no life, Rage Quiter just sounds like peachy words for $$ in their fat pockets. Think about it, its like a double edged blade. Guess they found a new sense of content control, punish whiners and reward buyers.

so easy to program

i think it would be a piece of cake to be able to identify those who actually 'pause' the game and select quit. from those whose internet connection just got cut out. Then of course people could start pulling out cables, but then they have to get off their fat *****. I think this is a great idea.

Good, they should have that

Good, they should have that for every game. And I would like to throw **** instead amongst other variety of things like a purple ***** from gta,sa, imagine someone getting hit with that flopping thing in slow motion hahahahha.

Actually you're just assuming

Actually you're just assuming that. Losing connection and quitting the game are pretty easy to differentiate if the rage quitter isn't computer network savvy. I won't elaborate to avoid spreading the "how to rq and make it look like a dc" thing.

if it happens that often i

if it happens that often i wouldnt bother trying to play any games online as it is.. mine never goes down but if they do upgrades etc it sometimes slows down and gets laggy... even then i quit and leave for the entire day so its fixed.

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