nForce Price Speculation


The first leaks of possible prices for the nForce integrated graphics chipset, are beginning to surface. nVidia have not made any official price announcements, but system builders report that prces will, in approximation, be as follows:

The 64-bit nForce 220, previously the Crush 11, will carry a price tag of $45 w/o audio, and the 128-bit nForce 420 previously the Crush 12 with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound will go for $55.

This suggests that carrier motherboards will be priced between $100 and $125 depending on their full features.

The full nVidia plan calls for the nForce to be included in $1,000 to $1,500 systems.

[[Testing the System]]

ExtremeTech feature an extensive test on the system but due to nVidia pressure have not included any benchmark numbers. Their overview statement sums it all up.

"Before we go further, you need to know that you won't find hard benchmark numbers here, because nVidia will not permit them to be published yet per their loaner agreement. The nForce is still very much a work in progress, with beta BIOS, beta drivers and a pre-production motherboard. But feel free to read between the lines…"

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nForce Price Speculation

i think this is a set in the wrong direction for nVidia... igp is only for people who are running crap on there system and are too cheap to save the cash for a good item..unless there is a major change in the way games are made becuse of this..i dont think its going to have anymore really punch in it..the guys who should love this is the oem bastards..

nForce Price Speculation

first of all its an geforce2mx card in it running at 6xagp, that is sufficent for most gamers today... but if you need more power you can easily disable the mx card and put in a geforce3 if you like that... So nForce will rock if you ask me.And it is supposed to speed up you amd with about 20% but well see about that.wanna read more go to:[url removed]

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