Nintendo Admits 3DS Sales Slow Down

Confirming our earlier speculation that the 3DS might have lost momentum post launch, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that the company's latest handheld has shipped 3.61 million units worldwide through the end of March, 10% below internal projections that the system would sell 4 million units in that time.

Iwata blamed the weak Japanese sales on the great earthquake, but he found it hard to blame the same earthquake for the North American and European lackluster sales. Instead, the Nintendo CEO admitted that they have overestimated the handheld's glasses-less 3D screen to drive sales through word of mouth.

"We originally expected that the value of 3D images without the need for special glasses would be automatically spread to some extent by many consumers experiencing the device by themselves and ... together with people around them," he said.

Iwata then revealed that Nintendo is committed to promoting the 3DS through an educational campaign that is designed to showcase the 3D slider, StreetPass and SpotPass features. The company will also launch a heavy promotion campaign by the end of May to accompany the launch of the 3DS eShop. The promotions aim to encourage 3DS owners to go online and download the system update required to access the eShop where they can download a free copy of the 3D update of the NES classic Excitebike as one of the first promotions.

But it is not all loom and gloom for the 3DS as Nintendo's market research have shown that a lot of the customers interested in the system are taking a "wait-and-see" approach which Iwata is sure will turn into a purchase with the upcoming software releases.

"There is no easy road to making people understand the attraction of glassless 3D images and making Nintendo 3DS widespread," Iwata argued. "We would like to adhere to these patient efforts."

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"The promotions aim to encourage 3DS owners to go online and download the system update required to access the eShop where they can download a free copy of the 3D update of the NES classic Excitebike as one of the first promotions."

NES classic Excitebike!!! AWESOME!!! I'm buying 30 3DS! If they offer a lighter with free shipping I'll buy 60

Nintendo Games

I buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games. There is about 1 in a million games that aren't Nintendo's that are good so I could care less about any of them.

The Nintendo 3DS has no good games yet. Besides they'll have the Nintendo 3DSI in a few months right?

Souinds a lot like GM.

Like how GM made the mistake of trying to force shitty products on everyone that no one wanted. 3D seems like it's pretty gimmicky & if Nintendo's doing it, it must be. That's their whole business model isn't it? Fuckin' governments better not go handing them more tax money if no one wants this shit just so they can keep on doing it.

My last advice

If you have only $350 and you could choose between a a xbox, you get more for your money overall. The xbox deals are so cheap and you can get great graphics like gears of war etc....not even a pc priced at $350 could run gears of war.

BUt remember its all about the games and decent graphics...yes you thought I was going to say games well sorry we need good visuals! dont turn into a walking nintendo wii!

you need more advertising nintendo be like sony...sopend or your cash on it but dont be like sony and have no games! or bad ports with bad graphics...(rememebr how super powerful it was supposed to be over the xbox) lol.


It would not be that hard to build a PC that could easily run GoW for $350. You've already got a monitor/TV, keyboard, mouse, optical drive, HD, case & maybe an adequate PSU & mobo. Unless you bought your PC from a department store. A dual core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, & something like a Radeon 3850 is massive overkill. Some of that stuff is so obsolete it's not even available anymore. GoW was a disappointment anyway. Another shitty PC port. Check some online shops like tigerdirect or go to a decent shop, which probably sells online anyway. You know fuck all about computers if you can't build a GoW capable box for ~$350. Especially using what you've already got (ie: the one you're using to make mindless, uneducated Megagames posts with.)

My $500 box runs every game there is just fine, looking better than any console. I've compared. Only diff' from the above sys' is a 512 MB 4850 which I paid $195 CDN for when it was just released. Get a fucking clue, then get a fucking real PC!


that PC will do infinitely more than a console ever will. You've got a PC anyway, why have two separate things when one can do it so much better?

The 3d really helps the small screen...its beautful..but

They need to have a demo model instore so people can really see the advantages. Its like buying a console you cant see....still the 2d games look really nice and MUCH better than the DSI.

The main problem is there are no games! no mario, no nothing and nintendo needed that...its a little high in price but what new system isnt. I got it for $288 from $350 and that was a bargain.
AU price of course.

The 3D is a must look for handhelds with small screens..but for big hd point really..the problem also is the battery life is bad, the 3D can have issues with a slight shake of the screen (no good for street fighter) and its still the same old looking Nintendo...maybe they need a massive face lift..looks to much like a DSI and thats ok but it could hamper its sales...good side is it feels a little heavy and feels like nice quality tech. Bad side I bought 2 and both had the screen of death. I would rather a Ipad2 as i can do more with it besides games. it if you love the DSI and you still play there games.. Dont buy it if your expecting power..its much better graphics than the dsi (about time!) but with 3d enabled on some games it has some slight slow down...thats bad for a new system. truly..thats like buying a new pc (the best one) and finding out it has slowdown. is it better than a NGP..hell yes its 3d! but if you want power and lots of modern I would rather a ipad2 also due to the games costing $1, $5, $10 etc...I'm sure all the under 10s will love it...not me I want HD and power...guess im used to xbox great cat of games.

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