Nintendo Is Making Wii U More Social And More Pro

Nintendo's Wii U console has been detailed as a social machine by company president Satoru Iwata at the firm’s E3 press conference.

With the next-generation machine, Nintendo plans to massively ramp up its online offerings, increasing user interaction through what has been titled the Miiverse. Designed to create "a new degree of empathy between players," Iwata says the service will allow friends and family members to connect from around the world.

Of course this is already possible with the Wii, but there was heavy parental controls that make the whole thing feel unwieldy compared to the social platforms on the 360 and PS3. The Wii U looks to make things more accessible.

Nintendo also plans to offer applications that will link in with the 3DS handheld as well as "other Nintendo Hardware," though whether that relates to older handhelds or future developments, remains to be seen.

The Japanese gaming firm will also be addressing one of its biggest current gen detractions when it comes to the Wii U, its lack of love for the hardcore gamers. Releasing a device known as the "Wii U Pro Controller," Nintendo hopes to offer a typical gaming experience to those that don't want to just play Monster Hunter or Mario titles.

The controller looks very similar to that of the current-gen Xbox 360 one, with shoulder and trigger buttons, a sloping design and twin thumbsticks. However, their placement is a little different and the Wii U Pro features a power button for the console too.

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The idea of having a Wii U

The idea of having a Wii U console is appealing but for some reason, i get the feeling that this will be the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Handheld consoles had their day and Nintendo made a killing in the early years of that type of gaming and then Sony came in at just the right time to capitalise on the market as Nintendo were peaking on the sale of the many variations of the DS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This section of the market is now starting to drop off with mobile phone gaming picking up it's pace. And with Vita now out, Nintendo are going to be entering the market with an unknown quantity that may, or may not, be a hit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I don't know. Perhaps i'm reading too much into it but i would hate to see another long time console developer go the way of Sega based on a previous handheld console's success.

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