Nintendo Promises To Show Games "Only Made Possible By Wii U Gamepad" At E3

Nearly a year and half after Wii U debut in November 2012, Nintendo is yet to convince players of the importance of its tablet-like controller.

This issue was raised during the Q&A portion of the company's recent financial results briefing and Satoru Iwata promised that – during E3 – Nintendo will finally demonstrate "several games" that have only been made possible by the Wii U gamepad.

As announced earlier, Nintendo will minimize its on-premise E3 presence in favor of online events and hands-on demos at select Best Buy stores.

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okay, after having the guy at the game store explain that the wii u remote is basically not required to play games, i wonder why do they make you buy it. Freaking wii would be like 150 bucks if they didn't include the controller. I would buy a wii u system for 150 bucks. But im not gonna pay 150 bucks extra for a controller i will not use.

honestly the worst controller

honestly the worst controller ever since Dreamcast, but they did do a exelent job with their pro controller, clicking with the analogous was bad but I'm not sure if there was a sacrifice to make the analog very smooth. too bad it has a power leak and you constantly need to recharge it. both controllers.

I forgot to say bad

I forgot to say bad controller when games are played on tv but it makes a good controller for retro games and for playing games in bed before sleep. Great sound. It would be better if they enhanced the games for its widescreen without stretching it.

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