Nintendo Shows Off New Characters in Smash Bros Trailer


As part of Nintendo's E3 presentation, it showed off one of its unreleased Wii U titles and perhaps the most anticipated game of the whole E3 show, Super Smash Bros Wii U. Unfortunately for fans, this one it's coming until sometime in 2014.

The trailer opened up showing some of the series' traditional gameplay, though with somewhat poor looking visuals. However, one click look at the bezel surrounding the video and you quickly realise this is a 3DS release of the game. A few seconds later and the character transform into their HD selves and we get a real look at what the game will look like.

What follows is the traditional frantic battling of characters back and forth across new arenas and with the odd new power, but it's not until the new characters show up that things get interesting.

First up is The Villager, from Animal Crossing, who manages to catch Mario in his net. The real show stealer though is Megaman, who appears attop a mountain and showcases a lot of different weaponry - as you might expect from the long time Nintendo and Capcom mascot.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info on this game as the E3 expo continues.

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zzZzzZ zzzzZzzZzz

Wake me up when Ill give a flying ****. Mittens the Kittens and his six year old girl patner want their Wii back. No one is stupid enough to buy a Wii U when you have no games... die already.


Nintendo deserves more credit than Sony and Microsoft together. Both Sony and Microsoft came into consoles after getting very rich through other means, they had enough money to buy the markets. They also have less hand held and homeroom history or hardware released and neither of them are known for bringing new ideas to the table. Nintendo even evaded the bloatware crisis with their royal seal of approval, before Steam or anything alike existed and they even managed to make money out of that system and get away with it. Nintendo makes a machine and has in house production on which they offer what they know what to do, thats apart from second and third productions. If you dont get more games for any Nintendo machine its because Nintendo cannot force productions into their system outside of their own work groups. Nobody here remembers all of those mature and great titles released for the SNES¿ From Shadowrunner to Ultima 7, christ, they even managed to release a N64 version of Starcraft. Its simple, you want your kid to play good games that you also played as a child or ***** in the past and maybe have a few titles that somehow manage to make their way into their machines for when he goes to sleep; drink a scotch and smoke a cigar with... and cheaper than the rest of the machines out there... You buy Nintendo and suck it up. For the note, I wish Sega and Nintendo would still be the kings of homeroom gaming. Lets see when Sony and Microsoft create a SNK theme park or Sega park. To hell with most of you, you made Sega and SNK die and I know for a fact most of you have had a SNES or a Megadrive. Those days, smoking kife, shooting the hell out of the TV with House of the Dead, going online on Dreamcast, duking it out in KOF or SS and not even touching the woman... Traitors Kife for the win. And if I hear another word about megagames, news and copy whatever Im going to burn your BIOS, you really expect megagames to fit into the crowd with cracks and trainers... Fools! yada yada captcha... this has to be cursed or of divine providence...

Summarize please.

Yes this needs to be condensed. I love Nintendo personally and I have always felt they were the only ones serious about innovation (after all, like you said, they depend on games to survive, MS and Sony have other categories of products). Their first-party software is top-notch, and it seems they are the only ones who were able to get young children, women, and even the elderly to play, and that is an achievement Sony and MS can't really claim. The Wii was a success but with Wii U, the lack of software is a serious problem for me, I mean how many games does it have, 10? That's absurd. CAPTCHA: Leave Britney Alone lol.

doesnt matter, even IF

doesnt matter, even IF intento invented video games console, doesnt mean Nintendo is always right., doesnt mean that they will be always successful.nintendo should go down as sega did, this is not of anybody fault, its their own. simple. I got SNES, because it is good, the titles and game library is very rich. but after that, what can i play on any nintendo console? it would be nothing other than Mario (kart, whatever is included) , DOnkey kong, Zelda, Metroid (good, but its getting old). do they have any good titles lately? bye nintenDont

this is really funny,

this is really funny, nintendo has nothing else to offer, endless spawn and sequel of Smash Bros, Donkey Kong, Zelda , Mario, for the zelda and maria, will be the same thing all over again, princess got kidnapped and so on, nintendo has nothing to offer. i wish they will go down the path of sega, this is not because i hate them, it is because they never learn how to please customer, and how to push a good titles.

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