Nintendo: Social Features Are Now Mandatory Even In Single Player Games

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that we’ve reached the point where social features have become mandatory in all games, even pure single player ones.

"We have reached an era where even a single-player game experience [can] have a social component that is very important," was his exact words. "And I think that social component is mandatory."

One of the main features of Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U is the Miiverse social network. It features a home screen where hoards of other players’ Miis (avatars) gather around icons representing the games they play. The Miiverse also allows players to share comments in-game so that their friends would read or listen to them when they pass the same location while playing.

"Early on, when I played a Mario game, it was really fun for me to sit and chat with my friends about, 'Hey I found coins over here, there's a hidden place.' [or] 'This is how far I got.' That interaction was great," Iwata reminisced.

"What we really want to do is create a place where folks who are playing by themselves will not feel like they are playing by themselves. They'll be able to share those experiences and have that empathy."

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Stupidity and Nintendo...

Nintendo thinks everyone who plays games is conceited and vain... Let's remember, their main customers are pre-puberty children.... look at the graphics in most games, size of the controllers, and other key points of their games and consoles.... "Look what I can do!" Just like Stewart. I'll second the vote that it's geared more towards DRM. IF people want to chat about their conquests they will use their cell phones or some other means... but FORCING future single player games to all include chat/social aspects is just dumb. What if the whole reason they are playing a single player game is to GET AWAY from the crowds for a change... Nope, that couldn't be possible.... OH well, no Nintendos here anymore.... long since outgrew their under-performing consoles, given today's PS3, X360, and PC performance... Maybe their next console will be more realistic and support more advanced graphics and physics.... we'll see.... If their controllers stay micro-sized I won't be one of their consumers, not even as a gift for the younger members of my family. One more use of an overused term.... EPIC FAIL! BDP

I agree entirely. Requiring

I agree entirely. Requiring a login to play games these days if very annoying, but when you cannot turn off the social part its stupid. SC2 i cant set it so i do not appear online and ppl from WOW or diablo can bother me. So stupid. It's as if some marketing ***** who is paid too much money sat behind a desk and said they dont care about what i want, they might make more money if i cannot pretend to be offline.

You are probably correct.

You are probably correct. But everybody knows you can pirate any game. Steam or no Steam. DRM or no DRM. I can torrent any game i want and play it, and i often do. I buy the good games as long as i can afford it. The question is why the idiots behind the desks getting paid too much understand that, and decide to produce really good games that people want to purchase.

There's no way to stop piracy

There's no way to stop piracy unless they stop making software/games altogether and that in-itself is quite humorous. DRM was originally designed to stop the redistribution of digital copies by limiting it to one or two installs, now their using services instead. Where they can watch, track and trace usage statistics regardless what planet your on. Digital thieves have an advantage over this, their advantage is quiet simply circumventing the primitive landscapes designed to lock us in and it works!

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