NVIDIA Announces Its Own Gaming Handheld Project SHIELD

NVIDIA today announced Project SHIELD, a handheld gaming device based on its Tegra 4 GPU.

Project SHIELD is a pure Android device so it is able to play all existing Android games out of the box and it has full access to Google Play store. The handheld also doubles as a wireless receiver and controller for PCs powered by NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 650 GPUs or higher.

Project SHIELD resembles a traditional console controller with a relatively large screen attached to its top. The handheld hosts an integrated 5-inch, 1280x720 HD retinal multitouch screen with 294 dpi, but it can also be connected to big screen TV.

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well that's nvidia for ya

if that pic in the gallery is anything what the final product will look like (could be an artists depiction) i would buy one in a heart beat. the design is cutting edge, sleek and beautiful. i wish nvidia would make toasters. doesn't do anything special. just looks bad *** while adding crunchiness to my bagel :)

Totally disagree - it looks

Totally disagree - it looks like a trashy 13 year old's wet dream. The colours scream "I'm trying to be hardcore as **** I'll pwn u in COD bro I'm ripped" and it looks like the most uncomfortable thing to hold and try to play, while being completely un-portable (this thing must be massive if it has a screen that big that folds into some kind of Xbox-controller rip off. That'll leave a concerning bulge in your pocket).

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