NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX Battlebox Program

NVIDIA unveiled today the GeForce GTX Battlebox program which certifies PCs form "hand-picked system builders" as ready for 4K gaming at maximum graphics quality.

"Working in concert with hand-picked system builders, we’ve developed a new breed of gaming machine purposely built to play this Holiday’s AAA, combat-focused games at super high resolutions, at high settings and every NVIDIA-exclusive feature enabled," the company explained.

According to NVIDIA, GeForce GTX Battlebox certified PCs are capable of running next gen games at "console-destroying graphics" that are beyond the capabilities of any next-gen console.

Each GeForce GTX Battlebox PC features GeForce GTX 780 or TITAN GPUs in 2 and 3-Way SLI configurations, supported by overclocked Intel Haswell i5 and i7 CPUs, advanced cooling systems, high-speed DDR3 RAM to assist with overclocking, and the latest high-speed SSDs, which load the action in record time. With the performance afforded by such setups, GeForce GTX Battleboxes are ready for 4K Gaming.

longside 4K-Ready GeForce GTX Battlebox systems, boutique builders will be offering 4K monitors at the point of sale. At present, only ASUS sell a 4K monitor in the form of the 31.5” PQ321Q, but NVIDIA expects a host of new models to choose from in the near future.

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"Battlebox certified PCs are capable of running next gen games at "console-destroying graphics" that are beyond the capabilities of any next-gen console." Yeah so's my 2 year old $700 BigBadBlack box (real name, no ****). WTF anyone care about 4096p on a little PC monitor for? 1080 is fine on an 80" TV you ******* twits. What's the next gimmick gonna be Nvidia?

4k can wait

is it 4k cause of the resolution or the price of the monitor? **** that **** I aint spending 3500 on a ******* monitor that's retarded gaming isn't that high on my list of prioritys my current pc can run next gen **** just fine

am I the only one who still

am I the only one who still likes games at 800x600? I can't notice much gain from 1024/768. In fact I PREFER lower resolution for most games because the high-res exposes just how flat the geometry is (like the stony textured beach floor). A game like Doom run on 640x480 looks horribly squarish, which isn't so noticable on 320x240. Voxel games like Outcast look bette at lower res with effects like depth-of-field & anti-aliasing (movie/film style, rather than the sharp HD junk nowadays).

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