NVIDIA Reclaims Performance Throne With Kepler-Based GTX 680

NVIDIA launched the first GPUs based on its next-generation Kepler graphics architecture, which aims to deliver "dramatic gaming performance and exceptional levels of power efficiency."

The first desktop graphics card based on Kepler is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 while the GeForce 600M will be the first such graphics chipset for laptops.

"The Kepler architecture stands as NVIDIA's greatest technical achievement to date," said Brian Kelleher, senior vice president of GPU engineering at NVIDIA. "It brings enormous performance and exceptional efficiency. Gamers will love the GTX 680's performance, as well as the fact that it doesn't require loud fans or exotic power supplies. Ultrabook users will love the GT 600M family for its performance and power efficiency."

Kepler is based on 28-nanometer (nm) process technology and succeeds the 40-nm NVIDIA Fermi architecture, which was first introduced into the market in March 2010.

NVIDIA's numbers and early reviewers' benchmarks reveal that the GeForce GTX 680 can claim the graphics cards performance crown with a breathe. The card outperforms AMD's flagship, the Radeon 7970 by 10% to 50% in all benchmarked modern games (except in Deus Ex: Human Revolution where it lagged slightly behind AMD's card). NVIDIA didn't benchmark the GTX 680 against its predecessor, the GTX 580 yet, but the company did showcase a demo of Samaritan game running smoothly on it. When the game was demoed last year, it was playable only on a rig comprising 3 GeForce GTX 580 cards on SLI.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 GPU is available now from the world's leading add-in card suppliers, including ASUS, Colorful, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Innovision 3D, MSI, Palit, Point of View, PNY, and Zotac. Expected pricing is $499. Compared to NVIDIA's previous flagship, the GeForce GTX 580

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this is hilarious

yall talk about the next best thing and blow all your cash, yet im sitting on a radeon 4850, passive cooling, and can play everything. i have yet to encounter a game that i cannot play, in fact i am shredding section 8 prejudice atm, after having torched crysis 2( shitty ending btw), which came after being very dissappointed by ME3, so i see no point in spending thousands of dollars on the newest piece of crap, since things wont truly get better till we progress past integrated processing

I share your view as my mid

I share your view as my mid range 5770 is still playing anything right now.. I guess that's the positive aspect of multi-platform releases, we pc users only need an average rig to max out everything these days (or almost). The day we had to pay 400$ for a burning card to max out gfx seem over.. generally speaking.


“dramatic gaming performance and exceptional levels of power efficiency.”

3DFX said that in 98.

When was a card ever "a small, or standard update drawing much greater power"

ranting vidiot

I was eagerly awaiting for this card, checking all the tech sites for the info daily, 1500+ cuda cores, imagine the compute power! Hah on GPGPU it is totally trashed by ATI (4+x times) and even in some instances performs similar to top intel CPUs... Why would u care? Why would i care? Well straight away im not a big ati fan, with exception of 7970 all around power.. minus price. I personally need CUDA for work(which ati doesnt have). The problem comes down to investment, if you blow 500+eur on the gpu that is sold as GAMING card, you'd expect some lasting value and all around power(including gpgpu). Surprise, surprise, with new consoles on horizon, the value of this GAMING card will drop like a rock. I'm going with 560ti 488 for the moment(or the 2GB ver). Eagerly awaiting and hopeful nvidias g110 will top the gpgpu charts as well.

New consoles? Your smoking

New consoles? Your smoking some amazing crack, pass it to me because there is no consoles on the horizon. You mean the very near but distant future yes, but by the time there out maxwell and possibly the next chipset from nvidia will be released. 680 performs well and does it not requiring much power to do so and is quiet. I believe Nvidia did well but since I'm laying on the 580 myself i rather just pickup another 580 and wait for maxwell.

here have some

G110 comes Q4 2012, which is essentially big brother of this with better floating point performance and should be all around beast(gaming and gpgpu). Rumors of 360/PS3 successors are 2013, max date is 2014. In other words what you give an arm and a leg for now, a rebranded and highpriced midrange gaming only card, will be trashed in mere ~1.5 years. Worth the update? I'll wait


New consoles? Not in 2012 except for the Wii U. IMO we'll start gettign news about sony/MS new consoles in 2013 and maybe get them by the holidays or early 2014

Water cooling

Do the water cooler mod, I did it to my 560 ti with a corsair H50 and H60, I stayed with the H50, for better modding not performance in cooling(both showed good cooling performance), and it can be done on your Radeon 5770, it'll cost you only $60-$80 plus the zip straps, unless you want to update your GPU and buy a new one...

Both Nice

Both AMD and Nvidia have put out some very nice cards that are overkill for 95% of games. At this point you cant go wrong with either, its all about price at this point, but now GTX 570's are droping I think I'll just buy a 2nd and SLI them. I will upgrade my other 4 desktops with AMD just becouse of price.


Quite sad really where Nvidia is headed, I hope before they completely shutdown or split that they give us back 3DFX. I still have my 1998 version of Voodoo 2 in mint condition. Honestly however Nvidia needs to die, they are no longer supported by any major backing even Intel hates them.

The cards weren't the best

The cards weren't the best thing about 3Dfx, it was the Glide API...games back in the day looked amazing with it. The disappearance of Glide in game development was really the only thing I was sad about when they were bought out.


3DFX killed themselves when they purchased STB Technologies. the finial nail in the coffin was the voodoo 4 which was no where near as good as ATI or Nvidia cards at the time (a fact I did not realise untill I blew my hard earned cash on that pile of shit). Nvidia saved loads of jobs by buying 3DFX after then declared bankruptcy.

Since then I have went between Nvidia and ATI, though I've probably had more Nvidia cards.

I'm no fan boy of one company, who ever can provide teh best performing card in my price range gets my cash.

back to the future

Does it make you feel good to have that piece of sh1t in mint condition? lol, I'm no fan boy of Nvidia but honestly they make very good graphic cards, ATI had to join AMD to keep up with the competition, so I don't understand whats with all the hate against Nvidia.
ps. I got an ATI card 5770 and the fan is already dying, -1 for ATI.


I got an 8 core bulldozer with 16gb ram and two HD6790 cards your point? I was merely talking about how Nvidia raped 3DFX and no their cards shit.

Running a P.O.S cpu. That's

Running a P.O.S cpu. That's nice to know that your running AMD's failure to compete processor. 16gb's of ram thats awesome, and two hd6790's idk what went wrong there but its ur build, P.O.S build but hey no ones judging you as long as it runs just OK. After all thats what AMD plans to do is just be OK to get by. 3DFX was dead, ATI and Nvidia had wayyy better cards then them, they couldn't compete end of story, replaced by a company 100x better.

My bad for spelling errors

I am not the guy you just replied to. I had 4 ATI graphics cards and they all over heated because of the damn fan, and then I bought one N-Vidia and I had it for almost 2 years and never had a problem its always cold no matter what I play, so -4 for ATI. O yea and I also have ati on my laptop adn it burned half way and now I cant watch shit on it because of choppy frame rate. I am not on nvidia's side I just go who gives me better stuff for my money.

I am not the guy you just

I am not the guy you just replied to. I had 4 ATI graphics cards and they all over heated because of the damn fan, and then I bought one N-Vidia and I had it for almost 2 years and never had a problem its always cold no matter what I play, so -4 for ATI. O yea and I alos have ati on my laptop adn it burned half way and now I cant watch shit on it because of choppy frame rate. I am not on nvidia's side I just go who gives me better stuff for my money.

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