Open Source Playstation 3 Hack Released For Free

As expected, the PSJailbreak has been reverse engineered and an open source hack that can be flashed to a cheap USB key has been released.

The new hack, dubbed PSGroove, can be compiled and flashed to a Teensy++ USB Development Board or AT90 USB Key. The initial release of PSGroove had the ISO booting ability disabled because its developers are interested in enabling homebrew games without encouraging piracy; however, a second version with that functionality enabled has been released soon after.

Both the Teensy++ USB Development Boards and the AT90 USB Keys are out of stock at most retailers due to the unexpected demand. Backorders are expected to be met within 2 weeks. Several hacking groups are working on PSP, iPhone, Android and TI Calculators ports of the hack, so you might be better off waiting for one of those hacks to be release instead of booking a USB development board.

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i had my PS2 rigged up to rip

i had my PS2 rigged up to rip and play games from the harddrive, faster load times and saved a lot of wear and tear on the discs. i'd like to be able to do it with my PS3 too, but i'll wait until if it's ever safe from firmware updates that'd block it.
jeez sony, let me exercise my rights to backup/copy my own media for my own legit purposes.

i found a penny!

My ps3 has served me well since i bought it at launch, no problems, no issues, i will not be pirating ps3 games, but my 360 on the other hand, its raped to all hell, it has let me down more than once, i have no guilt using illegal software on it.

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