Origin Mac Alpha Lands Today

Origin Mac

Unfortunately this won't be for everyone, as EA has said that only a, "few thousand," will be given access to this Alpha, but those few thousand will be the first few Mac gamers to have a go with Origin on their favourite OS.

No word on how you guarantee your position as one of the Alpha participants, but the best bet is to at least make sure you have the client downloaded - do so here - and keep your fingers crossed.

You won't be able to buy any games with this alpha release, since the store tab won't be live, but it will be once the full version is launched later on this year. Twitch streaming won't be available either, but EA has promised it will be activated, "as soon as possible."

If you don't have any games on Origin already, you won't be out of luck completely, as EA are including a free version of its PopCap's BookWorm, you know that game that's six year old. Generous right?

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yes , i do believe

yes , i do believe intellectual proprieties covers games , and no, i was generalizing that people buying old intel cpus and motherboards ect for top dollar are made up of a good percentage of idiots

I think you mean

I think you mean 'intellectual properties' and no, they're products - not properties. And Apple aren't ******* Alienware, they don't buy stock of two-generation-old components and stock Gigabyte motherboards and sell them to retards as 'pro gaming hardware'.

wiki "Intellectual property

wiki "Intellectual property (IP) is a legal concept which refers to creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are recognized.[1] Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets, such as musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs. Common types of intellectual property rights include copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and in some jurisdictions trade secrets."creations of the mind.... copyrights.... artistic works... desings... sounds alot like games are coverd to me

Just no - the key term in

Just no - the key term in your dictionary definition is "intangible assets". If you can buy and play a game, then it is tangible and therefore a PRODUCT and not a PROPERTY. The rights to make and distribute Mass Effect are intangible assets (the intellectual properties) - but the game Mass Effect is a tangible product, and therefore NOT intellectual property.

well the your "tangible

well the your "tangible prouduct" that your buying from ea's origin store is a string one's and zero's, and is an artistic work like a novel song or painting ect . and for mass effect an intangible assets would be that bioware is selling a story, and although it may not have a physical asset you can see or touch ,(their is still some left to the imagination) it can be of great value

Exactly - they're selling you

Exactly - they're selling you A story, not THE story. A COPY of the story that is TANGIBLE because it is a PRODUCT that one who owns the rights to (The 'Intellectual Property') has PRODUCED for sale to consumers. Just because something is online or on a disk, it doesn't make it tangible. An artistic work or song is tangible when it is painted or recorded - yes, even if it's "just a string of 1's and 0's". It is the right to sell and reproduce the song or work that are intangible, not the product of the rights. What are you not getting here?

That doesn't even make sense!

That doesn't even make sense! You buya. Book from a store, and it's a product - you don't suddenly own the rights to sell and distribute the work just because you bought one copy. And just because it has a story in it, it doesn't make it intangible. Are you ******* high or something? How are you not understanding the difference between a product and IP?!?

its like the bible (almost)

its like the bible (almost) no where in the book does it tell you how you can use it to make a profit but theirs 1,000's if not hundreds of 1000's of people that do, not buy reselling their bible or its literal words but of the feelings and idea's that one comes up with it after reading it. although video games may be on a different scale i remember having (sudo) moral choices, ai screw ups, and a few perfect shots in mass effect. any one of these could invoke a personal feelings or ideas that yourself or others will find a way to capitalize on. however i will agree that they are not selling you an open source version of the game or a copyright, which would be much easier to turn a profit on


its not hard for them to star to offer a new "game edition" mac book or som crap like this i would say they already have one this is just to test the software from ea. strange tho since all macs are almost all the same there really shouldnt be a need for this large test like this.

Macs are computers, just like

Macs are computers, just like PCs and unlike consoles. What merits large scale testing is the fact that macs have users behind their keyboards and the average mac user is even worse than the average pc user (technology savvy wise) which is pretty low already. Since computers can be officially modified by its users (unlike consoles which are dropped from tech support and such after being modded), large scale testing is needed.

not really

You did a great job taking offense about a couple of words and missing the point entirely. Typical mac user, no brains. I won't bother typing more to re-explain my previous post and get back to the point I made. Instead I will use your post and my assertion to strengthen my point. With people like you using a computer (whatever the brand and OS), extensive testing of anything is required because there's no telling how much you'll **** it up just by using it everyday for routine tasks.

People like me, huh? I'm not

People like me, huh? I'm not an 'average user', I'm a professional developer 0_o It sounds like you've ****** up more than your fair share of systems in your time through "routine tasks" though, "no brains". How about you chill the **** out before you have a haemorrhage?

**** apple

who cares mac os x sucks **** so does every gpu apple offers in there laptops and desktops i think the best gpu a mac pro tower has is an AMD 5770 in crossfire or one 5870 and they dont offer that in crossfire at all just one gpu. that **** is like 3 years old so if you want to game at low resolutions and *******frame rates sure use a mac it will work great. not to mention the best gpu a mac laptop has is an nvidia 650m which is ok for mobile graphics but still not great. guess what? your gonna pay 2800 for that apple laptop, for 2800 i could get a windows based laptop with a 680m or 670m an i7 processor a SSD drive and a Mechanical drive and a BD drive with 1080p screen granted its not retina but the ppi is high enough your eyes wont be able to tell anyways. **** apple **** them up there stupid *****
You voted 'no'.

Does insulting people for

Does insulting people for buying something they like using make you feel better about yourself somehow? Because its making you look petty and bitter. Calm down, take a deep breath, and when you realise nobody cares about what computer you use you'll find something productive to do with yourself.

mm hmm

With so many grammar mistakes you have no right to call anyone stupid. Wise up before trying to insult someone elses intelligence or you might end up making a fool of yourself kid.

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