Overgrowth alpha hits Steam Early Access

Animal deathmatch sandbox Overgrowth, has now finally hit Steam Early Access after years and years of development. It might still be in a barebones state, but the hand to hand combat title has one of the most nuanced fighting systems in 3D gaming and has a lot of potential, even if it's still a fair way off from being anything like a finished game.

The one-day Redwall simulator features large open environments a variety of different animals to fight as and weapons to fight with. There's spears to impale your opponents, swords that can hack off limbs and giant rabbit feet to punt your opponents across the map with. It's quite brutal, and very very fast, but the giant environments give it an extra epic feel that most games this early on in development rarely capture.

If you've not seen Overgrowth before, it's worth checking out a couple of videos, as the combat is impressively in-depth. Characters have a multitude of attack and block options and physics is used for all of it. If you kick a character it'll do some damage, but if his head bounces off the wall afterwards, there's going to be a lot more.

One of the big advantages of the steam version is that it makes updating simple and should mean keeping track of the game's progress is easier for fans.

Check out the devlog video below to see what's actually available in the alpha at the moment and what you can expect to be able to do in the game over the next few months.

Overgrowth is currently available for $24.99, but if you buy it from the official site, you'll get free copies of Wolfire's other games, Receiver and Low Light Combat.

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