Pachter: PSP 2 Is Not Dead On Arrival

A couple of days ago, controversial analyst Michael Pachter made a strong statement about how Sony's PSP 2 is "dead on arrival" and that Nintendo's 3DS will face a similar fate albeit a little later. Today, he changed his mind.

"We can't rule out the 'dead on arrival' PSP2, which is likely to be introduced [next year], and if it has the right feature set and is competitively priced, it could actually perform well in the marketplace," he explained. "My 'DOA' comment was based upon an assessment that Sony won't price it right (look at the PSPgo), but of course, I have been wrong once or twice before, so maybe they'll surprise me."

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They wont

They wont surprise you.

They will come up with a overpriced brick that costs 200 quid and has bad bad games.


Id love Apple to take the full market share in handheld because all Nintendo did was reskin the gameboy, 12-20 times......

No thanks.

Get a real job dipshit.

Analyst? Critiquing movies is more of a real, useful job than an analyst, & critics are less than useless dumbass turds who think they know more about nothing than anyone else. No one can predict the future. Your opinion is no more accurate, reliable or valuable than mine. The PS3 may have been DOA, but it was revived.

Consoles suck. Handhelds suck. You can play games on an iPhone & do so much more, 'cuz it's a computer & computers rule.

Fuck the Piece of Shit Portable & fuck ANALysts.

What a tool!

Wow, first the guy says it's DOA, then he retracts his statement when he's faced with hard facts that prove him wrong...sounds like Steve Jobs with his whole argument that the Android market is too heavily fragmented.

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