PC Mod Restores Watch Dogs E3 2012's Ultra Graphics Quality

When Watch Dog's first trailer was released at E3 2012, gamers and critics were taken over by the game's unprecedented graphics quality. Unfortunately, Ubisoft was not able to deliver that quality in the final version of the game which ended up with good-but-far-less-impressive visuals.

Good news for our hardcore PC gamers, a modder named "The Worse" has been able to locate the original visual effects in the game's files and use them to "restore" that E3 2012 graphics quality.

The restored effects enhance fog, bloom, lighting, shadows, reflections and rain among others. The Worse released a few screenshots from the enhanced PC version and they are all available conveniently in the gallery.

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, Now that's what the game should look like !! Hell ya !! too bad i uninstalled the game after 2hrs of repetitive game play. I was hoping to so much and let down again. GOOD thing i pirated it.

15 min, **** right

indeed, 15 mins was pertty much the time i played. Hacking is 1button godmode... Everything is automated. It feels somewhat like a movie... but the story doenst really matter and u have to play buttons so it continues...

Why would Ubisoft

Why would Ubisoft intentionally keep the game from having the options to look like it had at E3? If it can look like that, why intentionally prevent those settings from being selectable? No game company would intentionally keep their game from looking as good as it possibly can, especially with the backlash and negative press they got after showing it with less impressive visuals...unless there was a reason for it. Perhaps there is something with those settings that caused an issue where cards were frying so instead of optimizing the code so it won't, they decided to just scale back the effects to safe levels. If this is true, then expect many people to start reporting the mod as frying their comps.

Those settings only have

Those settings only have limited audience due to high demand of the games system requirements GPU wise. And no matter what someone is always going to try to run the game full settings because no one wants to play a half *** game, they don't want to be robbed of full experience.

You can be sure there was a

You can be sure there was a reason. Probably some sort of issue, I doubt it's frying gpus since that usually happens at low settings (you need very high fps to fry vid cards before the safety kicks in and auto lowers the clock to around 300mhz), Maybe it was a technical issue, maybe it was political (as the guy below pointed out). Either way, who cares? You have to be pretty stupid to give money to Ubisoft after all they've done to customers before.

Maybe to keep all the console

Maybe to keep all the console players happy. If there version looks horrible compared to the pc, they will complain and ask why can't we have that as you promised? By keeping it inline with the console versions no one is better as such, and everyone is more or less happy

In their defence...

I would have been really annoyed if I bought this game full price, seeing as I had to rebuild my PC to just play it. However it was easy to find this game for under $40 pre-release if you look around. I personally paid A$35.

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