Watch Dogs Enhanced Reality Mod 3.1 patch

Watch Dogs Enhanced Reality Mod 3.1 patch

This version will be totally tweakable meaning. You may choose Low, Medium, High,
Ultra and Custom or even mix a match between those settings. These settings have
been tweaked and optimized for better quality and performance. They are much better
than vanilla settings and you get all the eye candy. This mod include modified high
and ultra textures. meaning you will see some ultra textures when playing with high
textures and you WILL BE ABLE to play on Ultra with minimal or no stuttering nevertheless
I would recommend you to put the graphics settings on high or medium when playing with
ultra textures due to an FPS hit. you might be surprise how well it looks. My high graphics
settings are superior than vanillas Ultra settings and much more optimised for quality
and performance. Same goes to my medium setting and low. The ultra settings
are much more superior to vanillas Ultra settings and therefore quite taxing on
your system, nevertheless it has been optimized as much as possible so you can achieve
good performance.

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