Peter Molyneux Admits That Fable 2 Was Full Of Bugs And Design Flaws

In addition of his reputation as one of the world's leading game designers, Peter Molyneux is also famous for overhyping his games pre-release and then apologizing post-release. Molyneux has kept that habit since 2001 when Black & White was being developed and till now as he apologizes for Fable 2 and promises the world for Fable 3.

During his Develop conference keynote, Molyneux told the audience that honesty mandates that he should admit that Fable 2 "had some terribly messy things about it. We rushed at the end, where we had this terrible phase where we went from 'the world looks this beautiful with this many features' to being less beautiful and less features because we had so many bugs."

In fact, the game was so riddled with bugs that a build submitted to Microsoft got slandered for containing 61,000 bugs and programming errors. That particular report forced Molyneux and his team to downscale the game's feature set.

But bugs were not the only problem that plagued Fable 2, Molyneux admitted. "To be honest with you there were also huge design flaws in Fable 2," he said. "There were game features that people just didn't use or only used once. A great example of that was getting married. It didn't mean anything, it didn't add to the game. It was just an excuse to have sex, to find out whether it was another hot coffee."

Needless to say, Molyneux concluded by promising that Fable 3 will avoid its predecessor's shortcomings and will be full on unseen before features in a "world that both core and casual gamers can play in."

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i noticed only two visible bugs in Fable 2 and one really annoying. 1.: when you open the bloodstone demon door, it flickers all the time, every time. 2.: when you go to the Last beacon in the Cursed skull (see the future), you can see a few trees flickering with bright green. 3.: when i entered the old tomb, i walked under a small wooden bridge and got stuck there, also because of my dog who couldn't move either.
these are really little noticeable flaws, but it gets quite annoying and it can spoil the beautiful ambiance that fable 2 absolutely wins in.

Fable 2s flaws

given all the flaws, as i am typing my wife is playing Fable 2. I have played through several times and love the game and can stomach it flaws. P.M does hype his games though. Although it is great that I can put a face to the game that i have spent so long in playing.. I think that it can be said, that Peter Molyneux is as interested in his games as he is in the money that they make, to a point I'm sure. Any ways I can not wait to take on FABLE 3 and its Flaws what ever they might be.

What doesn't?

Many things in life have design flaws, and that doesn't rule out programming at all. At least Peter Molyneux doesn't hide behind anything and admits there's faults.

Of all things though, programming is mainly done almost at the final stage of anything, and is also the most unpredictable and problematic no matter how experienced a programmer may be: the main reason why some games have been forced to be delayed, or rushed with a huge patch later on.

Sorry, Sorry again and more then likely again?

Doesn't he always apologize for the Fable series, he did for Fable 1 and now Fable 2 soon it will be Fable 3 then Fable 4 and 5, he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut unless he can back it up, note to Molyneux saying that your going to do better each time isn't doing better, just don't say that your game is going to be the best in the world or do something so good that it will revolutionize the gaming world.

On a side note I liked Fable 1 and 2 (they are good ARPGs) and the Black and White Series (B&W 3 anytime soon?).

Only time will tell

We shall see. I believe Peter is a very avid and enthusiatic designer. Which I think is a very good and important thing in the industry, but his inability to deliver in the fable series thus far has proven his gaze reaches further than his grasp. I hope dearly that Fable 3s quality and polish matches that of the Black and White series. A very well polished product that delivers everything and more of what it was meant to be.

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