Planets Cubed crawling to Kickstarter finish

It's not often that a game limps past its Kickstarter goal. Most of the time it either gets a couple of pledges from friends and family and little other interest, or smashes its goal, leaving the developers to rejig their planning to make room for all those fat stacks of cash. However Planets 3 (cubed) is edging ever so close to its goal, with just over two days to go. Will it make it? Will you help?

Planets3 is a voxel based RPG, that on the surface sounds very much like Minecraft, but while that popular building title was built around its sandbox elements, Planets3 is designed around its RPG core. Sure there's randomised elements to the world map and it has different biomes to explore, but there's levelling up to do here, equipment to unlock, locals to win over and eventually, should you make it far enough, you'll be able to blast off from the planet in your own spaceship and visit another to begin again.

Combat is much more advanced, with varieties of weapons, strategies and tactics, Dungeons to raid and secondary quests to take part in and even an overarching story.

Of course this being Voxel based though, it means you can build anything. But with blocks much smaller and more nuanced than Minecraft's, the structures you can potentially make are much more customisable. You can build buildings, vehicles, bridges, hundreds and hundreds of different items with thousands of customisable components and the same goes for your outfit.

If Planets3 gets made, it'll appear on PC in October 2015.

It's a very ambitious game, with huge potential. If you think it deserves to be made, head here to give it a few bucks.

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It looks way to much like minecraft for me to be interested. If youre looking for something good and innovating check out Planet exploreres Its way better

Planet explorers is damn

Planet explorers is damn boring, and the digging? plain awful. This game is like the spiritual successor to minecraft. With ability to craft vehicles, and space craft down the road I want to say its like starbound and minecraft had a baby this would be it. I sure as hell look forward to seeing what happens with this game in the future.

I'm glad it got founded. So

I'm glad it got founded. So many minecraft clones out there but this one actually look like it has some depth. Plus the game, thanks for procedural programming NOT made in JAVA is gonna be huge and will be able to use all the ressources available unlike minecraft. Feels like a cross-breed of Minecraft & Starbound actually which is not bad at all.

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