Playing Legitimate Modern Warfare 3 Before November 8 May Get You Banned

Some store has already begun mistakenly selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 before its official release date of November 8th, but those gamers who get buy it might not be as luck as they'd like to believe.

After noticing the matter, Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement Stephen Toulouse tweeted that after double checking with Activision, he believes that "[Modern Warfare 3] pre-release play [is] not authorized" and that "Playing early may impact your account!"

This is not the first time Microsoft bans Xbox LIVE users for playing leaked games before launch, but it is the first time it threatens to do so to players who got the game legitimately and - most probably - don't know about the stores' mistake.

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Makes one wonder perhaps they are the same person/people responsible for the captcha the fag nonsense. Megagames should upgrade to Wordpress.

Off topic: EA probably manipulating Metacritic user scores

Something I've suspected, wanted others to check out. Take a look at BF3 Metacritic scores and MW3 scores, for some users it's the only 2 games they've ever posted on. Especially on BF3 where one user often writes "amazing, amazing, amazing" 10/10 reviews for all 3 systems of BF3 on the launch day. Smells like EA bullshit to me, and now on launch day of MW3 there is a flurry of 0/10 reviews. How stupid does EA think we are?


I wouldn't doubt it. Good on you for taking the time to notice. Although I do think the BF series kicks the crap out've CoD, I wonder why such competition exists. Isn't BF supposed to be multi-player focused? CoD is a boring, linear, routine combat experience, basically an animated movie. I've only played the SP campaign in BFBC2 & it was pretty weak, just like all the CoD's are. Seemed like nothing more than maybe a long tutorial for the MP. I'm not a fan of either franchise, only playing what I get for free. I've played a lot of CoD's, always been mostly bored, glad it cost me nothing but still wondering if I just wasted a bunch of time I coulda spent doing something else. Felt the same after the BFBC2 SP but I thought BF was meant to be MP & CoD the opposite. BF always looked like a stellar MP experience, if you're into that. CoD always seems to suck in every way all the time. So I'd be biased to agree w/such reviews, but if EA is doing what you think they are instead of just a few fanboys, or disgruntled CoD players writing them, I find it interesting, and kinda funny. Knowing EA, I wouldn't put it past them.

Grammar aside, This story

Grammar aside, This story reeks of utter bullshit. ------ I still find it hard to believe that anyone who BUYS this game can STILL get BANNED for something that isn't the purchasers fault. -------- It's nice to see M$ are still trying to propping up their console sales by banning legitimate gamers who will probably go out (or parents will) and buy another to satisfy their fixations with the damn thing. -------- I'm so glad i got rid of mine over a year ago.

It's True

Hard to believe yes, but if you look on twitter first they make a comment of "have fun" & "enjoy" then a few days later they say that bans could be issued and to hold off , at least the multiplayer until 12:00AM 11/8/11.

Total BS on that part of the publisher and M$ but not surprising in this day in age.

This is Retarded...

Megagames, what the fuck is going on? What is your publishing approval process? What the fuck is your editor doing? and who the hell approves these articles with the English and grammer they're written in?!

I applied for a writing job here a few years back, and never heard back. I can promise you, my work would have been far more literate than this...

Readers deserve a response to this.



What's grammer? Sentences start w/capitals where I come from and, don't normally start with "and". I realize plenty of writers do so, and see nothing wrong w/starting sentences with conjunctions but, most literary scholars (such as yourself?) tend to shit all over that practice.

Still, I can't fucking see why the fuck MG wouldn't wanna fuckin' give you a fuckin' job for fuck sakes! Holy fuck guys, fuckin' come on!

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