Playstation 3 Stereoscopic 3D Games Are Limited To 720p Resolution

Sony's official guidelines mandate that developers are not allowed to create stereoscopic 3D games at 1080p resolution.

The guidelines state frame rate limitations as the reason behind the ban.

Simon Benson, senior development manager of Worldwide Studios' stereoscopic team, confirmed the resolution limit and explained that it is very hard to maintain 60 FPS (frames per second) at 1080p resolution. As a consequence, any game that is already running at 1080p will be downscaled to 720p.

Stereoscopic 3D video will still be allowed to run at 1080p since it requires 24 FPS only.

Benson noted that at some time in the future, a slower-paced "more cinematic" game might be exempted from the 720p limit.

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Fun Fact

Xbox stated that they are sacrificing non 3d gaming resolution down to 720P to get more on screen action because of hardware limitations. So you enable 3d on a 720p game at 60fps it will one of the following.

3d 720p at 25fps
3d at 720i....520p choose....either way its not worthy of even looking at it.


How does one get that the PS3 cant do 3D when it says it can. Xbox cant do 1080P period....the HDMI output isnt even 1.3. Its just a upscaled 1080i with no HD sound if you read up. PS3 can play 1080P games. You'd be lucky that the 360 wont explode when it tries to run any 3D games. I own both machines and have 15 years of building and troubleshooting PC's, and the PS3 is superior to the 360 in power. To display 720p in 3D that machine is pumping out a dual display at 720p in sync. which is more bandwidth than a single image of 1080p.

Microsoft will allow 720P 3d gaming no doubt. But there intentions are that it will RROD all older non slim machines so that every moron can go buy the Slim 360 which is what the 360 should of been to start with. And people will buy it.

I dont want 3d! I hate in the

I dont want 3d! I hate in the cinema and I dont want it at home. It looks like crap and it feels like you are drunk much of the time. Maybe in 5-10 years when you dont need glasses and it dont feel like your drunk, I might consider it and see why you might want it but not the current tech thank very much.

Anyone with half a brain would understand this

I do apologize, but your subjective argument is no basis for a *quote* anyone with half a brain can see that every version on the 360 is better!! NUFF SAID!! */quote*

the fact is, steroscopic 3d is incredibly taxing on hardware let alone at the high 1080p resolution.
Anyone with half a brain can recognize this.

It is a shame that sony wont let developers try to utilize the PS3's hardware at 1080p but microsoft will certainly run into the same issues with the 360.
However it will be interesting to see how the *enhanced* slim version performs.

Fire starter

Every game on the 360 runs at 720p, sometimes lower, it's no secret, killzone 3 was considered one of the best looking games at e3 and it was in 3d, 720p means nothing because every game right now is currently running at that level.

Im sorry but the 360 is not more powerful than the PS3.

and this is why sterioscopic

and this is why sterioscopic will never catch on in games.... its even worse for the pc where players are used to even sharper resolutions and textures and way more effects and what not.. only to frames that would be beyond playable with out sterioscopic suddenly drop under then 30fps mark at the same settings.

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