PlayStation Vita Launch Date And Price Revealed

During a press event in Japan, Sony revealed that its anticipated PlayStation Vita handheld will launch in Japan on December 17th.

In addition to confirming the previously announced price of ¥29,980 ($389.80) for the 3G PlayStation Vita model and ¥24,980 ($324.79) for wifi only, Sony also revealed first details about the cost of using the handheld's 3G capability.

Sony has partnered with Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo to offer prepaid data plans that start at ¥980 ($12.74) for 20 hours of useage, and ¥4,980 ($64.75) for 100 hours. New PlayStation Vita units will come with 100 free hours of the service already packed in.

As a final surprise, Sony also revealed that PlayStation Vita will be able to communicate and interact with mobile phones and tablets, although no solid details were given about the particular functionality involved.

"Smartphones and tablets aren't competing against us - we're actually collaborating," Sony Japan president Hiroshi Kawano said.

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yah I was thinking that the

yah I was thinking that the psp vita would be the same price as the original psp when it launched...around $200. The pspvita is already a flopp, nintendo better redesign their 3ds into something proper and if the price is right i'll get it if i feel like it.


Yeah, let's support Nintendo's console remake every 6 months... $300+ is too much for a handheld console. All it needs to do is play games, it doesn't have to do EVERYTHING. If it was just built to play games it would be cheaper.

wtf i'd have to PAY to play this thing multiplayer? or is that just for the 3g model? either way, FUCK THAT!!

You know how fast 100hours can be used up? its a waste of $65. not too mention this thing is $350 WTF i'm happy with android, thank you.

How fast 100 hours can be

How fast 100 hours can be used up? I'm only guessing here but I'd say in 100 hours! Unless you've figured out how to create some sort of time bubble?

I don't know why anyone would be surprised about this release, it's has SONY written all over it.

its just the 3g model meaning

its just the 3g model meaning thats so you can use the online features anywere just like you would on your phone. its a little pricy but personally I'd have no use for the 3g version. also can your android play anything that's not an over-glorified flash game?............ thought not. I have a samsung galaxy s.... its a phone and I treat it as such the fact that it lets me play games is mearly a neat addition hardly a reason to buy as it has nothing really worth getting

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