PS Vita Is Mandatory For All PlayStation 4 Titles

A “trusted” PlayStation 4 developer has told Digital Foundry that Sony is mandating that all upcoming PS 4 must support PS Vita Remote Play.

The developer also revealed that only games that support PS4 Eye are exempted from the mandatory Remote Play rule.

Using Remote Play, gamers can direct the output of their PlayStation 4 console to their PlayStation Vita handheld and play their PS4 games on PS Vita while they are within connection range.

When asked on Twitter, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the news. "Yes, it's true unless the game requires specific hardware like the camera," he said. "It will be great to play PS4 games on PS Vita."

During PlayStation 3 launch week, Sony forced some developers to utilize its Sixaxis motion control. The company had to forgo that requirement later when developers complained that most games were not suited for that control method. However, it is hard to imagine a scenario where Remote Play option would ruin any game.

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Still more so than the xbone.

Still more so than the xbone. Being a programmer, I know that dropping in software that will stream video to Sony's servers/handhelds With Vita's basic controller support, not actually that difficult. and I'm sure most devs will already have it integrated into their engine. So good luck with your rage while the rest of us leave in embarrassment.

Excellent headline

This website is really amateurish sometimes (not always but sometimes). I was ready to snap at Sony if they wanted everyone to buy a Vita in order to use PS4, which is what this headline implies. Not the first time I've seen deceptive headlines (intentional or accidental I don't know) on Megagames. And they always seem to be geared towards Sony. My bias-sense is tingling.

Of course it's better.

Of course Xbox One is better. I don't want original, unique, exclusive first-party titles, I want mindless rehashes of the same. I want another 5 Call of Duty games. I want to pay monthly for online, on top of my monthly internet bill. I want to activate my games and pay extra when I buy used or borrow games from friends. I want to be connected at all times.


"PS VITA IS MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYSTATION 4 TITLES" is a misleading headline - it makes it sounds like you need a Vita to play PS4 games. It should be something like "PS VITA REMOTE PLAY MANDATORY FEATURE FOR PS4 TITLES".


Actually, in all honesty one thing I do like about this site is the layout. What I mean is I can quickly come and see the latest headlines on the front page, clean and very readable - versus say IGN where the home page has become a convoluted mess. I mean this site is pretty basic looking, but in a good way, its easy to just quickly read the latest headlines without being bombarded with ads and massive pictures, flash, etc.


All I got from this article is "let us take away a more important freedom in exchange for a less important one". I think freedom of choice is more important...


They're not taking anything away from the end user, they're actually giving you more choices. Learn to read scrub

ummmmm ok

what dah **** are you talking about ? whatever dude vita has had the ability to play all games via remote play already its the devs who wont allow it because then they cant push a shity version of the same game towards the vita but sony seems to be listening to us which is about ****** time .on the ps3 to make any game remote play its just a script file that works like an on switch thank you for making my vita usefull for something other then facebook and netflix sony {even tho you should have did that 2 years ago} **** at this rate all ill be using are my vita and shield no love for xbox 1 im sorry not a fanboy but the always on Kinect camera allways online thing creeps me dah **** out. I don't care how good the games are some jack *** will figure out a way to watch people and I want no part of that idc how paranoid I seem the whole thing just seems sketchy

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