PS Vita PSN Account Is Locked To One Per Memory Card

Correcting earlier rumors that each PlayStation Vita unit is tied to a single PSN account, Sony associate brand marketing manager Crystal MacKenzie explained that the PSN account is in fact tied to PS Vita's memory card and not to the handheld itself.

In other words, PS Vita owners are allowed to switch accounts by switching the system's over-priced memory cards.

It is also possible to change the PSN account attached to a given memory card by doing a factory reset, MacKenzie noted.

A single PSN account can be tied to several memory cards, however.

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try re-reading

did you not understand?

1 memory card can only hold 1 profile, however 1 profile may span many memory cards, which makes complete sense.. my 360 profile is bigger than these memory cards..

its not that difficult to figure it out.


Then why are you having a tough time. Headline says one account per memory card and at the bottom of the article says it the the opposite.


It says 1 account per memory card as in not 2 or 3. But It never says 1 account is restricted to 1 memory card, that is explained at the end of the article, 1 account can have many memory cards. It's quite simple and makes sense since you're not limited to the free space you have in a single card. You need to train your reading skills, they're quite low...


Just turn it into a phone and it'll do better. I don't see this being all that amazing, not like the psp which seemed nice when it first showed up. The price? kinda like the DS all over, meaning you can purshase their home console with that.

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