PSVita Hacked? First Native Homebrew Loader Near Complete

Yifan Lu, the hacker behind the famous Kindle jailbreak and PSXperia (which allows Xperia Play to run PlayStation games) has revealed that he is about to finish coding the first native homebrew loader for PSVita.

Unfortunately for some, Yifan Lu has made it clear that it is “physically impossible” to leverage his homebrew loader to run “backups” of commercial games. This is “because [a commercial] game is encrypted and again, physically impossible to decrypt or load retail games with my exploit.”

Yifan didn’t reveal any details about the exploit he used to get his loader to run in order to prevent Sony from patching it before the loader is released.

We will let you know as soon as the Native PSVita Homebrew Loader is released.

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it is useless! if it cant run backups, then this loader or whatever is just something so stupid. i wonder why he even post it as a news, maybe trying to make himself be famous? if it cant run backup, then keep that lousy loader to yourself. typical Chinese attention *****.


You are actually retarded as ****. Homebrew opens up the capability to be able to do alot more with your device. When i had a psp i made use of hombrew, and the increased functionality it brought to my psp, than i did run backups. This is huge, and very good, if you can't see that because you are nothing but a pirate, then you are ******* retarded as ****.

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