Radeon R9 series 280x and 270x released

The next-generation of AMD's GPUs have been released, with the starting lineup of the R9 280x, 270x and 260X landing first. Granted, these are all rebrands of high end 7 series cards with some extra Mantle treatment, but it's still worth knowing these things are out there and how they perform.

There have been a few tweaks to the architecture, like minor clock speed adjustments, but for the most part the cards are the same, making it hard to recommend the new range as of yet. Ultimately, it's about AMD ditching the HD branding it's used for the past few years, since that sort of nomenclature isn't exactly eye catching anymore.

So the cards with new names and slightly different clock speeds, are the 7970 GHz edition, which is now the 280X, the 7870 GHz edition has been renamed to the 270X and the 260X replaces the R7790.

While the internal performance of each of these cards should be about the same, prices have been dropped $50 or more in some cases, so even finding a cheaper 7 series alternative might be a bit difficult. On top of that, the 260X is sporting the new TrueAudio and updated crossfire configuration compared to its older counterpart.

We'll have to wait until later this month to see the big daddy of the new generation, the 290X hit the shelves, at which point we'll get our first real look at the Hawaii core and what it can do.

Anyone in the market for a good rebranded GPU?

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Are there really that many dummies out there that are fascinated, hung up on, bored or otherwise interested in the ******* model number of a video card? Way to go AMD, increase confusion over something pointless & stupid. Another fine decision like the one where you decided to focus on consoles when your smarter competitor went to the mobile market where the future lies. I'm an AMD fan, but your marketing & management departments seem to be quite a few loads lighter than your engineering & manufacturing departments.


AMD: Dear GOD their finally starting to loose faith in democracy, quick pile everything together and pack it in for resale.

performancewise, the 5850 was

performancewise, the 5850 was renamed 6870 which was renamed the 7850, which has now been renamed 280x ... in other hype & marketing magic, the core2duo 3GHz was renamed core-i5 something ... & Windows Vista which everyone hated & swore off was renamed Win7 which everybody bought & swears by ...

fact is, I never mentioned

fact is, I never mentioned win8. I don't have to call you anything. your comment says more than any insult could ... if you're not just trolling, then I suggest you try using XP,Vista,7 for a while. do stuff like copy/paste, install some programs/games, run some programs/games, move your files around & rename em ... etc. experience will teach you, my little one.

I see what your saying but it

I see what your saying but it's flawed. It's like saying every FPS is the same because they use the WSAD configuration; if you had to reinvent basic configuration for every game, it'd be very confusing. Though fundamental characteristics of every release of Windows has remained the same, there are alot of low level differences/optimisations between XP, Vista, 7 and even 8 behind the scenes.

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