Rage Graphics Suck On PC

id Software has always been one of the leaders of PC graphics, but it seems that this has come to an end with the release of Rage which runs smoothly on consoles and disasterly on PCs.

A few hours after its official launch, message boards - including the official Rage forums - got flooded with complaints about the game's graphical problems. The most common problems include very frequent texture popping-in and out, texture flickering and noticeable screen tearing when looking around.

Bethesda has acknowledged the problems and attributed them to "driver issues" in both Nvidia's and AMD's drivers. AMD was quick to release a graphics driver update to fix the problems but it only made matters worse until another update was released hours ago. The newer update fixed a lot of the aforementioned issues, but it didn't fix field-of-view issues, lag spikes, missing textures and frequent crashes.

The situation is not much better for NVidia card owners as the company recommended using the latest GeForce beta driver (version 285.38) which has no noticeable effect on the problems beyond increasing frame rate a little bit.

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the issue

RAGE seems to be some kind of a mystery...a friend of mine, owning a way better rig than I do, keeps complaining like hell about getting 15fps, and still textures take seconds to load and still look like ****. Whereas on my machine, RAGE runs perfectly at 1680x1050 60 fps, and the looks are just STUNNING, except if you go very near an supposedly wet object, where you might see the model doesn´t have many polygons, and there are actually light stripes in the texture, giving it the wet look. I think, this is not a flaw, but a psychologically smart way to limit resource hunger while keeping a goodlooking scenery at a high frame rate for a fast-paced shooter. Provided, of course, it runs smooth and fast. Which is where apparently the problems start. As said, RAGE runs perfectly on my Gigabyte HD4850, 512MB. Whereas it doesn´t at my freinds seventy-something. Strange? One solution might be found here: "RAGE is not as dependant on your graphics hardware as it is on your CPU and storage system (which may be an industry first)". I realized, even when its running in the task bar, it takes 30-50% from all four of my cores (Phenom II, Deneb) and roughly 1/3 of my 8GB RAM (OCZ DDR2 platinum). So, apparently, the workload is shifted to the system, permitting the game to run fine on an outdated, castrated Graphics card IF the rest of your system, CPU, Board, memory, is sufficient and working efficiently together. So: clean up you system, memory, wipe the background processes and feed your system with RAM, and the issue should besolved. Reason? No idea, maybe because the code was written for consoles in the first place. Cheers! PS: win7 64bit on my machine

history lesson

actually the first home pc was the Scelbi & Mark-8 Altair & IBM 5100 Computers in 1974,

and the Odyssey released prematurely in 1972 and only worked with magnavox sets but did use printed circuit boards like a neanderthal cartridge.

but if you need to be squashed like a bug The HP 9830, introduced in 1972, was the first desktop all-in-one computer. It even had BASIC in ROM, but few people know about it because HP marketed it primarily to scientists and engineers, very quiet people, it had a full keyboard:)

even worse is to site that fact that the hp 9100 was the first device called a personal computer thus making its crt display, card reader, keyboard and rom released in ((( 1968 ))) the prime canidate for first on the scene.......

noobs. do some research first.

as far as quality, my (2560 x 1600)x3(spanned) LG VS ps3/xbox360 1080P maximum says i get better quality, plus im positive my FXAA and antalais are higher.

you cant argue that the maximum resolution presents a quality barrier from console to PC realm.

rage texture fix easy

hey ihave fixed rage texture problem but little still first 1: uninstall game
2: install game after uninstall
3: if ur having nvidia then do update to 280.26
download it from nvidia.com
and do rage update alex"s and copy paste crack its there in it . start the game play enjoy .
please comment after trying.....


I have a i7 920 with 2xhd5850 and it works perfect, detail through the roof. No problems here.

BTW, all you kids fighting over whats better, a console or a PC, need to grow up. Each has its own attraction. If consoles had keyboard and mouse, I may have bought more console games. But the graphics are undeniably better for pc, and support the mouse/keyboard thing. And a console cant do strategy games, so owning a PC opens up a whole range of games that consoles simply cant do. 300 can buy a good xbox, and a good pc that has equally good graphics. Your choice.

Oh god...

Hey instead of taking a dump on rage, Fix the settings.

Make a new .txt file in Rage/base and name it Rageconfig.cfg

put this in:

vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly2 8192

vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly 8192

vt_pageimagesizeunique 8192
vt_pageimagesizevmtr 8192


vt_maxaniso 4

image_anisotropy 4

then save... and it looks great, Now if it don't take your shitty VideoCard and stick it right up your ass.. hehe Oh and console player's cant help ya :)

why why why

i absolutely loved this game played it from start to finish.
Graphics = incredible with every other feature on the game.
ATI Radeon 4870 with quad core amd = absolute brilliance and no glitches for me. Cant understand all these whiny bitches for one second. Makes me think they are shills


i like the game it looks great on my pc idk why every one is bitching if it looks shity on your hardware then upgrade your hardware people like me with good hardware have to suffer when games get optimised for shity hardware because we save our money to build our gaming rigs to last 5 plus years if your running a 300 dollar compaq you cant complain if the game doesnt look great on it cause you got what you payd for .but any way like i sed me i like the game im like 5 hours in and avent ran in to any issues i have a msi mb running on 2 gtx 560sli with a amd phenom black edition running at 3.7 ghz on w7 64bit with 8gb ram ohh and i still never seen the game drop bellow 60fps ever so in conclusion its shity hardware not shity game imo


okay i bought this game on day one, updated by drivers before playing and have not had one single problem, the game looks amazing. im running it on max settings on a GTX 560 ti. for anyone who says the console version is draming, after playing it on the 360, i can agree that it is by far the best looking console game on the market, but does not look better than the PC version. it seems ATI card owners are suffering, but hasnt that always been the case really?


I find it funny ID software points the fault at drivers, It's sloppy and rushed out engine, thats what it is. I was so damn hyped about this game and ready to rush the store. Here's the problem though, i have a good gaming laptop, however YOU DO NOT UPDATE drivers too often on these, it fucks up everything! So how can i justify 50-60USD purchase knowing that not only it seems poorly optimized for PC, the odds are it wont even work properly. Further more, the game only got 8/10 after all these years, story also being a major letdown. I aint gonna bitch and moan, but I'm damn sure waiting for a few patches till I even try!

Its not even an 8, its a 5, 6

Its not even an 8, its a 5, 6 at best, i dont know whether they paid these companies to give good reviews, or they just feel sorry for ID. ID knew it was crap, that's why near the end they just rushed everything, cause they didn't care about it anymore.


stupid people blaming
Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 18:37. --------------------------------------------------------Who the fuck is this twat?---------------------------------------------------PC's have been around for years. OK, maybe not to play games but it shows that you shouldn't own a PC anyway because they are not solely meant for gaming. And high powered graphics cards are meant to do more than just play games too. The only reason games are banded about is because it's great marketing. A lot of people use the cards, sometimes with modified custom drivers, so they can create CG animations or for viewing CAD designs in real-time. Which i might add takes a bucket load of processing and graphics power. ------------------------------------------------------Maybe if you considered using your PC for more than just gaming and whacking off while watching your uncle ride your mum via web cam, you would probably find it has a lot more to offer.

pc's may have been around

pc's may have been around longer, but not home pc's, and that was the statement. The comment was geared only towards gaming "console vs pc", take your head out of your ass and remove the shit from your ears (or eyes for this matter), you only hear what you want to hear.


what a bunch of noobs! Get a console! No body plays on pcs anymore but fat old men. If you get offended, then you probably are one of these fat old men, or know someone that's old and fat.



...your console, douche. I may be old and fat, but while you're playing Operation Pudwhackers tonight, I'll be fucking my wife...and thinking about your mom.

stupid people blaming

stupid people blaming consoles, consoles have been around just as long as home pc's (even longer), most peoples pc's are loaded with spyware and viruses they can barley move their mouse, most of them aren't tech savvy and have no clue how to remove all that junk, nor do they want to pay a through the roof just to have a guy reinstall windows. not to mention the constant upgrading, i wasted a good chunk of change trying to keep my pc top of the line, it gets old fast. not to mention, most pc games barely look any better than the console versions. OOOOOOh antialiasing, who gives a shit!?, they cant even pump out games that they show off on graphic card tech demo's, they just use those tech demos as a selling point, but you will never see games look that good until 3 or 4 year later.

yea youre dumb

1. consoles are personal computers (..PCs) so its impossible for them to have been around before, PCs.
2. Even if they are loaded with spyware, individual tasks like games ussually work, and clearly thats not the issue.
3. you wouldnt have to upgrade your PC all of the time if you knew what you were doing, and the only reason you cant upgrade your xbox is because they havent found a good way to charge you for it.
4.95% of console games run Anti-Aliasing, so... YOU give a shit.

but youre right, this isnt consoles fault, its iDs fault. They were so concerned about console that they didnt do the hard job: making sure everything works on a PC.

Ive been in the pc business

Ive been in the pc business for years, i know exactly what im talking about, with new amazing looking games, there's always some kind of new shader technology that comes out that the old graphics card doesn't support, even tho its well over capable of running the game on high quality, but if you want to see the new shit, you have to constantly be upgrading your graphics card, i know, i've been through it. no duh consoles are pc's, but you totally missed the point on that one. Im not biased, I know you are cause you cross your arms like a little kid and say "hmmm pc better than console, wheres my juice box!". own both and stop being a little Dbag.

How true, how true.

You don't need a high end PC if you have a little bit of a clue about keeping it lean & mean. My 3 year old system (Core 2 Duo, Radeon 4850, 2 GB RAM) will run Rage just fine, just like it runs every other game on the market, except Halo 2, for obvious reasons of course.

"consoles have been around

"consoles have been around just as long as home pc's (even longer)" - Name one console that came before home pcs. "most pc games barely look any better than the console versions" - Thats one of the reasons people bash consoles. PCs have the hardware to have games that look much better than their console counterparts but multi-platform games are holding the PC versions back by not having a version that pushes PCs to their limits. "but you will never see games look that good until 3 or 4 year later. " - Coincidentally (lol) that's about how long it takes for a team to make an AAA game.

Yeah, but by that time you

Yeah, but by that time you have to upgrade your fucken graphics card again. show me a game that looks like the first ruby (ati/amd) demo running on the card it was originally advertised for. Get used to the sad truth.

In the January 1975 edition of Popular Electronics magazine, the Altair 8800 was heralded as "the world's first minicomputer kit to rival commercial models". It is considered to have been the first mass-produced personal computer (PC), and could be built for under $400. Announced in the Popular Electronics editorial as a "home computer", the Altair 8800 was offered as a kit, and so had to be assembled before it could be used.

1972 that Magnavox released the first home video game console which could be connected to a TV set—the Magnavox Odyssey.

Good work with the magnavox,

Good work with the magnavox, it really came before pcs so you passed my little test. However, a video cards performance is still reliant on your PC. A tech demo like rubi's is pretty small, so everything can be loaded to the memory and theres no need to load new stuff, then theres the fact that it was probably not made with directx, that provides a big performance boost and also tech demos are very optimized, they dont need extensive mechanics, details can be omitted or inexistent in areas people will have poor visibility of or wont see at all. Theres a whole lot of tech talk behind it but in short, a tech demo isnt a product its there to show how far a hardware can go, dont blame manufacturer for showing what their products can do, blame developers for taking easier routes that dont yield the best results(directX).

the sad thing though is that

the sad thing though is that the console versions are better than the Pc version which is why the Pc version was held back. Even after the release of the Pc version, it has so many problems out of the box it should have received a low rating. There are plenty of graphical issues, plenty of slow downs, special drivers that need to be downloaded as normal drivers usually wont work and numerous other issues that make the game look sloppy. The game is actually pretty boring to. No replay value at all. Don't waste your money on this game, it's not worth anymore than 19.99$ bargain bin pricing. Save your money for something else. This game is all hype and little substance.


using a shitty ass gamepad is better than keyboard and mouse.............GET REAL YOU CONSOLE FAGGOT!
Microsoft for windows even admitted it WOULD NOT do
cross compatible games for consoles/pc because "the console users would get thrashed"


Huh? What you're saying

Huh? What you're saying doesn't make any sense, "the console versions are better than the Pc version"? What grass are you smoking and what planet did you come from?

People fail to remember that things like this have happened before. Does anyone not remember how GTA4 ran when it first came out on PC? And that game looks way better on a PC than a console any day of the week. Another example would be Sims 3. People with ATI cards had problems with that when it first came out and had to update drivers. Yet another example, LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring the official game. People with nvidia cards had to update their drivers for that one. I remember way back in the day when Half-Life came out, at that time I had a Voodoo Banshee and could only place the game in software render until 3DFX updated their drivers. I could go on but I think I've proven my point. All the games I mentioned ran just fine after GPU manufacturers updated their drivers.


I'm sure there are two sides to every story, but this is completely unacceptable coming from ID. These guys are one of the fathers of PC gaming, if it were a small/unknown developer that released this game it probably wouldn't have been such an issue but this is ID. I blame consoles with their mediocre quality and annoying popularity.

Excellent for Consoles

Look...its nice to know i can spend $300 and get a xbox hook it up to my lcd and get a game that looks amazing! on a console. I have a pc with some nice power but honestly im sick and tired of pc games in the past being demanding. If we can have awesome graphic games on the consoles how is that a bad thing???? we need direct console ports cause look at the results of this game!!

Excellent for Consoles

Look...its nice to know i can spend $300 and get a xbox hook it up to my lcd and get a game that looks amazing! on a console. I have a pc with some nice power but honestly im sick and tired of pc games in the past being demanding. If we can have awesome graphic games on the consoles how is that a bad thing???? we need direct console ports cause look at the results of this game!!

Rage sucks

I have plenty of issues with rage. The graphics do duck but whats worse, the game is so Boring. Save yourself the money and buy Borderlands if you haven't already. Borderlands is much better than Rage on every front. Lets face it guys, when you go back and play quake games, most of them are boring. This game is just another boring game trying to pass off as something that could be fun. Even the reviewers on GameSpot looked bored. I think the reviewers on GameSpot were trying to be nice but their faces said it all, the game is Boring.

ATI's performance update plus

ATI's performance update plus a few configuration changes I found in forums allowed me to run RAGE almost perfectly on my Core2 Q6600, radeon 5780HD, 4gb ram. However I have to agree, RAGE is just plain boring I can't quite put it into words but from the moment the guy gave me a pistol and told me to go kill baddies I felt bored. Played some more, drove around with the ATV, completed a couple more missions and I can't stand this game anymore. I'm willing to cut it some slack because it was made to demonstrate a new engine, not to be a blockbuster game. But still, its bad, I don't reccoment buying this.

Dude, share the setup on your

Dude, share the setup on your rig with us instead of just "I have no problems...." I'm happy with my rig and this is the only game I'm having problems with. No, I'm not experiencing any crashes but I do have texture problems. If I turn too quickly I see blurred textures and then it takes 1-2 to sharpen.

My rig:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6550
8GB ram
Windows 7 64bit
Nvidia Geforce 460 GTX


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