Republican Party Is Fighting An Orc Assassination Rogue

The Maine Republican Party has started a witch hunt against Maine state Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz based on the fact that she is actually an orc assassination rogue.

To be more precise, the Senate candidate plays as a level 85 orc assassination rogue in World of WarCraft.

After finding out about Lachowicz’s “addiction,” the Maine GOP wasted no time before issuing an official press release dissing her. The press release condemns Lachowicz for leading a “bizarre double life.”

Lachowicz has not made any effort to hide the fact that it is a World of WarCraft fan. In fact, she has blogged about it several times in its political column on

Lachowicz is the Democratic Party candidate running against the Republican’s current state senator Tom Martin. When contacted, the senator assured that he didn’t know about the press release or Lachowicz’s hobby. He also expressed his abasement to “mudslinging politics.”

But that didn’t change the state GOP’s mind. “We think anyone making comments about drowning Grover Norquist and stabbing things shows a shocking level of immaturity and poor judgment that voters should know about,” Maine GOP party spokesman David Sorenson said, referring to a blog post by Lachowicz where she joked about enjoying stabbing things in World of WarCraft.

“Certainly the fact that she spends so much time on a video game says something about her work ethic and, again, her immaturity,” Sorenson added.

According to her website, Lachowicz has a master’s degree in social work and runs the school-based programs for a statewide mental health center.

The Democratic party’s chairman, Ben Grant, described the attack as “a new low this year.”
“ "Colleen may play 'World of Warcraft' online, but it has been far more harmful to Maine people that Tom Martin has been playing 'Worlds of Hurt' (at level 90) with their pensions, access to health care, and public schools,” he wrote in a statement to the press. “It's time GOP grew up and talked about the real issues.”

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Republicans never cease...

Oh Republican party how socially & intellictually superior art thee! Please have mercy on the foolish man when your "Lord" elevates you to your rightful place above, for we know not what we do. Forgive us for our sins. Many of us are so illiterate we don't even know how to read the part in the Bible where it says that video gaming is a sin & I don't think Jimmy Swaggart or Creflo Dollar or Ted Haggard (or any of the other reputable televangelists) have covered it in their sermons so please have mercy on us! The immaturity of a video gamer. We fall so short on the whole maturity scale as compared to religiously motivated politicians who think the entire Universe is 5000 years old & in the hands of their omnipotent imaginary friend.


same old game from these state goons.....kill each other from character assasination. Thus missing the relevant points. one big soap opera that i dont or never will give a **** about :)

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