Researchers Invent Universal Permanent Memory As Fast As DRAM

Researchers at North Carolina State University have managed to create a "universal" memory unit that combines the speed of DRAM with the large capacity and non-volatility of flash memory.

In place of DRAM's single gate, the new memory has a double floating-gate field-effect-transistor (FET). The first float gate is leaky (volatile) and needs constant refreshing every 16 milliseconds - exactly like traditional DRAM gates - but by increasing the voltage applied to it, its value can be transferred to the second gate which is non-volatile (permanent).

"Memories made using our new double floating-gate structure should be about as fast as DRAM-and will need to be refreshed as often-but their densities will be about the same as flash," said EE professor Paul Franzon at NC State.

The research team doesn't seem to have plans to use the new memory to create an ultrafast disk drive; instead they are developing a power efficient RAM which would store all its content in the second gates and turn itself off when the system is idle. The team hopes to produce the first working prototype within a year.

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first poster here: @ hmm.

first poster here:

@ hmm. You idiot. Its not you who decides anything. you are small time. Server farms, huge computeing cluster and big business make the descision. you think intle sold many 980x cpus? No you fucktard. They sold more of their cheap cpus by miles. 100000 computers draw a cuntload of power, idiot.

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they have tried it before now, it just did not work too well.

Memristors are also going to be a big thing. combine these 2 and you have 1 fucking amazing piece of hardware. you can turn your storage into a cpu so the hardware you own will not need power to store memory, will instant boot and the more storage you have the faster your computer. So you will be able to buy processing by the kilogram.


Because the first thing I think of isn't "Wow, I wish my computer were faster!", of course it's "My RAM is pulling too much power... I wish it were more green."

It doesnt matter

Your opinion of what should be improved on your pc is irrelevant because you're not the one developing improvements. Businesses are more concerned than you about power usage because there's a green tech bandwagon nowadays. It's good that some people (researchers) still can see the big picture and work on such things instead of worrying about local issues (waaah, my pc is slow :'( ).

Memory development

Finally, a boot once machine (if they make it so dense\large that it can hold at least 1TB of data on one DIMM)

If this is perfected, we would never again need to boot the machine every time it's turned on!

It would simply start where you shut it off the last time (as if it was never shut off)

I, for one find it funny they have not tried this before now!


Why 1TB? This is memory not storage space, a few GB would suffice for a boot once machine. Memory management already exists so 4/8 gb would be more than enough for any home pc.

More than that would be used for servers and other machines that have several cpus sharing the same memory chips.

"I, for one find it funny they have not tried this before now!"

They have, its called hibernate mode.

I'm with you on this one, but

I'm with you on this one, but this technology has been in the works for at least a decade, if not longer. I remember hearing about RAM in the late 90s that would maintain the state you were in before you shut down and make it almost instantaneous to return to that state upon start-up. It's been out of the news since then and it's neat to see it coming up again, but with real results.

That particular group wants to go for "green technology" but I know someone out there will use it for performance tech. That's what I'm more interested in.

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