Riot starts LoL Team Builder beta

If you've ever been in a game of League of Legends and had someone call the spot you just called, only to insta-lock and flame you for not being a team player, then chances are you've played at least one game of League of Legends. Fortunately over the years, Riot has implemented community changes that have improved things, a bit. But now it's beta testing a feature that could have the biggest impact: a Team Builder.

While it won't replace the traditional queue system and won't work in ranked, it will be on offer to anyone wanting to try it over the next few days. It starts today and will run for 48 hours in each territory, rolling out one after the other. All trials will end on March 7th.

With the Team Builder, you'll be able to pick your character, position and preferred role before you even meet you respective team mates. That way, you should be matched with people that want to play different positions than you and therefore, you won't have any double ups and therefore less bitching.

However, the only downside to this is that it does take longer. Sometimes a lot longer, especially if you're playing a popular position. Support and junglers that use off the wall champions, will probably find themselves in short supply and much more likely to find a game in short order, but if you're a mid or top laner, get ready for a wait.

If you want to try a weird and wonderful idea though, just sign yourself up as a captain and you can invite teammates or search for them. Double junglers? Triple mid laners? It's up to you. Ultimately everyone should be on board when you hit play, even if it's taken you a long time to find them.

This sounds like a great solution to me. It might even get me to start playing again.

Has anyone here tried out the Team Builder yet?

For more info, read the release here.

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Or I just ignore them and go where I want, It's my computer and my internet, I will play how I want, and if we lose because of it oh well, I'll still have fun. Video games = fun, if you can't have fun you should quit playing, calling a spot in any video game is childish, has nothing to do with team work.


Did you just call me a kid? lol. And why do you press the space bar before you use a comma or period? "like you used to" What does that even mean? I guess back on the NES days and before was mostly single player, but even back then I had football games I played with friends, or MK and such. But you don't know someones life how can you say "used to" You can't expect anyone to take offense to something when all they're irritated about, is how horribly you tried, and try to make sense of it. It's just... bad, all around. I'm waiting for the your momma jokes to start.

You have problems kid . Thats

You have problems kid . Thats all. And btw , MK and Football games are 1v1 , not 5v5 . There is no team there in these games .Only your EGO . Now please go "suicide" your EGO before it completly kill you . Thank you .

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