Riot to tweak LoL Doran's Shield

Doran's Shield is one of those starting items, that along with the Ring and Sword have been a staple of League of Legends games since the early days of the online MOBA. Now though it's getting a big shake up that could change how effective it is in the early game and how often it'll get picked up by intrepid summoners.

The problem with it at the moment Riot says, is that with the changes to masteries for Season 4, it's become too unbalanced and locks up the bottom lane by making harassment from champions much less effective.

To fix this, Riot is looking to make some pretty severe changes to the item, dropping its health and regen, though leaving the damage blocking stat as it is:

Doran's Shield
100 Health --> 80 Health
10 HP/5 --> 5 HP/5
8 Block --> Unchanged

"The idea behind hitting just the Health / HP/5 is to enable magic-based harassment still effective while also keeping Doran's Shield strong against ranged attacks (I.E. I am fighting Caitlyn and Lulu and I hate my life)," said Riot.

It did add the caveat though saying that the HP/5 nerf might be a bit too extreme, but we'll find that out over the course of the next few weeks.

What do you guys think of the nerf? Too severe? Or is it something you're glad to see come into play.

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