R.I.P. Steve Jobs

No doubt you've read and will read obituaries for him on tech sites and in mainstream media, but it is impossible for us not to share our sorrow for the loss of a great visionary such as Steve Jobs.

In his life Steve was known for numerous qualities and traits, but what resonated with us the most is his vision. It is not an overstatement to say that Steve Jobs and his visions have defined our way of life today.

Steve's vision of the iPhone as the first real mass-market consumer-friendly smart phone has changed the way most people use their phone and redefined social networking and gaming.

It is easy to remember and attribute the iPad, iPhone and iPod to Steve Jobs, but the truth is that his effect on our lives goes way beyond them. Steve Jobs didn't invent the graphical user interface (GUI) or the mouse, but it was his vision to realized their worth and introduced them to consumers after they were destined for rotting in Xerox's Palo-Alto labs. The introduction of those inventions in the first Macintosh convinced the people that those "personal computers" can and should be used at home, and hence ushering the digital age we enjoy now.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.

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To the haters

- "To create a new standard, it takes something that's not just a little bit different; it takes something that's really new and really captures people's imagination — and the Macintosh, of all the machines I've ever seen, is the only one that meets that standard"
- "Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose"
William H. Gates III

Remember Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak, are the ones we should respect them equally because without their imagination we couldn't have our computer at home.

Apple alway was the standard in quality to follow on the PC market(nowadays that's not true anymore)

Gates is the responsible for the PC market growth, thanks to the pirated copies of MS-DOS, and eventually Windows.

Wozniak is the hardware genius behind the origins of Apple.

Jobs was a genius on innovation on the Apple Computer Inc. times... because the iPhone is not an invention nor an innovation, it's just a "smartphone" that copied the ideas from other companies that created them before(like MS did to Apple with the OS appearance)

They have/had their flaws, they are/were humans, but hating the ones we owe our digital life?? that's crazy!!

Grow, little kids, because without these men, the computer wouldn't be what it is today: a working tool, entertainment media, a gaming "console"(so to speak), etc.


I love how everyone is hating on Apple. Rad. Bill Gates in the house! My biggest problem is the lack of choice with Apple products. For instance you can only watch iTunes HD movies on an Apple monitor or device, not just any 1080 monitor. It's these kind of exclusionary business practices that turn myself and many PC users off from Apple. Steve Jobs did open up new markets (awesome), but I'm just glad there is MS, Amazon, and others to come along and give consumers the freedom of choice. So in the end I think it will be all good. RIP Jobs!


Alot of haters on here, when you are on your death bed I bet theres not going to be to much youve done to get your name out there but Steve hmmm. to much hate from this group of losers that no one will ever know.


So gold bread isn't good stop talking shit u r full on crap like FTW and to the guy I hate it when people get too much credit. you r 100%. Right" Steve Jobs may have been a good business man, but he didn't revolutionize shit."

Not just the face, Steve was

Not just the face, Steve was also the brains behind apple. Apple was big once, back at the dawn of personal computing. Then in the early 90's Steve was forced to leave apple, thats when it became a mediocre company that didnt stand out at all, while that was happening Steve founded a 3d animation studio called pixar, made a movie called toy story and sold the studio to disney for heaps of cash and stock shares. Then in 97 he was brought back to apple because it was struggling to survive. Thus the ipod was born and apple was profitable once more, I'm sure you know the rest of the story. I dont use apple products but I admit, without him I'd probably have a pretty shoddy smartphone running some unknown OS that wouldn't be half as capable as my android device. So thanks Steve for showing google smartphones are an awesome consumer market, thanks for pushing samsung and other phone manufacturers to improve their products and thanks for making music piracy something as natural as breathing.

I hate it when people get too

I hate it when people get too much credit. Steve Jobs may have been a good business man, but he didn't revolutionize shit. He took existing technology, that someone else made, and built it into Apple branded elitist devices at a price just high enough people could/would buy it. He didn't change the world, he didn't affect all of our lives, he ran a computer company. I don't have anything against him personally, and if people want to buy Apple product, good for them. However, he isn't nearly as great as panderers claim. Also "Someone you don't even know dies, and all of a sudden you think your some hero", the funniest thing I've read in weeks.

Its true that he used

Its true that he used existing technology. However he did revolutionize things and changed life for most of us. MP3 players were really bad before the ipod, before the iphone smartphones were horribly underpowered, had shitty software and multitouch screens were nothing but a far fetched dream, also tablets were nearly unknown before the ipad. So if you use any of those, clones or competitors you were also affected by his work. I don't think he changed the world, shaped would be a more appropriate word IMO.

So gold bread isn't good

So gold bread isn't good enough for you guys. complaining because of apple products is utterly ridiculous. You don't have to buy it, so why the hell do you care, you guys are living in a fantasy world where you think you the world owes you, id like to see you cuntbags make a device as small as a credit card play movies, games, music, surf the web, and be a phone and video phone all in one. but I'm sure most of you can barely tie your shoes.


he sold people fancy overpriced apple crap they didnt need until they couldnt live without it

IBM and microsoft couldnt stop steve jobs

now that hes dead google probably will, sumbitch never should have died


Well Steve Jobs was basically the i version of Bill Gates. A ruthless dictator trying to monopolize the industry. I just hope the new CEO of Apple will be a kinder more gentler dictator. Its true the real back bone of Apple was Steve Wozniak was kicked out of Apple after making Apple successful. Sure Steve Jobs was a visionary, considering that everyone under him did all the looking. Anyway, may he RIP and may he never come back to life as Steve Jobs, but as a starving child in the third world or the working poor in the first world.

Good Riddance ???

Maybe you should think of the positive impact the man has had on the world and not just his money. His products has advanced technology tremendously and have helped hospitals, schools and educated many people throughout the world, in my book that counts as a good impact on peoples lives.

He died way too young suufering from a horrible disease. My thoughts are with his family.

Sorry for the rant - I had to say it !!

True, but...

Steve wasn't really a true tech guy or a programmer, he was a marketing genius and "idea man". He also treated his employees like shit and paid them in wooden nickels, and he eliminated all of Apple's philanthropic programs as soon as he returned. Not to mention his overt hostility and pettiness toward competitors. That said, I can't deny his influence on the world.

Steve Wozniak on the other hand, now there's a man we owe pretty much everything to...everything. And when he dies, THAT will be a big loss to computing world.

CAPTCHA: "American Cancer Society"

What an Idiot

you do know there were Touch screens way before the Iphone and some of them where even on phones... as far a media support Apple sucks at it so does Microsoft and Sony.... there are plenty of FREE codecs out there that are not supported by just about anyone that they could put in any of their boxes for FREE so we could play back MKV OOG Ect i mean seriously i am sorry he dies it sucks but you what the world did not stop spinning and the world moves on it wont be any different that my death or yours so move on nothing to see here just another person that died... boo fecking hoo

How is it that my phone has

How is it that my phone has all those functions AND more freedom, at only half the cost of iPhony?

The only thing Steve Jobs was good at was being a ruthless businessman. The world already has enough of those. It's a good thing he went before coming up with any more ripoff products. He had outstayed his welcome.

samsung galaxy gio - 80 euros

samsung galaxy gio - 80 euros (with points from phone op, no big deal). Plays any movie, with subs, has games, wifi and browser, youtube, news, etc etc. Nice. No need for 400 euros to buy iphone. True for one thing, they released it way before this galaxy, and thus, the exclusive is expensive. But no need for iphone5 nowadays with this one.



You guys dont understand how to read or what? we all fucken know other companies had the same ideas, or copied other peoples shit, but apple revolutionized it, you guys are soo fucking dumb its retarded.

Who knows how popular portable mp3 players would be if apple didn't create the ipod, or where they would be.
and dont say you know, cause you have no goddamn idea, but you all think you can tell the future, you ignorant inverted cunt faces.

I could say face book revolutionized social media, and you twats would be like "NO, myspace did, facebook just copied it", you dont fucken get it, cause your moms all drank when you were in the womb.

Love: frank


He had the money and power but..... he didnt look after the works in the foxconn, they died , some died at the desk workin some off the roof, did he do a thing to make there lives better ...... NOPE
so good he dead now he can go to hell
ppl that have power and money that dont help the ppl that are makeing for them they can go to hell

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