Rumor: AMD To Release 5 GHz Centurion Processor

Sources close to AMD have whispered to that AMD is planning to reignite the CPU core speed war again by releasing the world’s first 5 GHz CPU.

The new processor, codenamed "Centurion", is a member of the FX Processors family and it is based on the Vishera architecture.

For comparison, AMD’s current fastest CPU, the AMD FX-8350 PC processor, runs up to 4.2 GHz; and Intel’s fastest Core i7 processor is no faster than 3.9 GHz. Of course CPU core speed is no longer the single deciding factor in a processor’s performance, but the 20% core speed boost is certain to make Centurion outperform all existing AMD FX processors by a large margin.

Acording to Hexus’ sources, a limited number of units will be produced and sold at $795 each.

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maybe the extra cash from

maybe the extra cash from next-gen consoles making a change giving amd more money for research and development. I feel like ibm let sony down the last time, you know the american robing the chinaman with dodgy dev kits to unlocking the true power of the cell also lazy fucking developers with no aspiration and weak creativity. Lets hope Arab Micro Devices (AMD) can be trusted to deliver on toolset and info. on getting the most out of the APU. And since developers are already using ati/amd stuff to bench/develop their titles, they don't have to learn too many new tricks especially when they are dumb as hell. good.

AMD is owned by Cray their

AMD is owned by Cray their average processor starts at petaflop if that ain't bang for the buck idunno what is you stupid ignorant foreign cunt. Go home to your Intel masters and tell them what your learned today foo.

Im on a 965 Phenom II X4 and

Im on a 965 Phenom II X4 and I dont know how its going but I do know it can be overclocked and that they are cheap, I have a feeling that next gen consoles are going to near its performance when it comes to games. Im surprised you still fight with SUPCOM and Medieval II, it must be a code thing because we are long gone from those specs. However, if you want to arrange a few SUPCOM games Im for it, cant get into their net due to key/account problems without a known fix; is it even online?

I also have to say that

I also have to say that according to marketing, multicore cpus surpass old single core cpus when placed in combined efforts towards a single objective. So, we have over 6,000 mhz in the market, leading me to believe that this is going to be a multicore cpu with each core having 5000 mhz. Unless marketing is wrong, which should lead to sues, which are not present.

Im not sure if this is going

Im not sure if this is going to be a multicore cpu or a single core cpu but knowing that many games only need a single core and that many others need multicores, I still dont know without researching the rest of the net.


So lets see: The conversion rate for my country would have that little gem sitting at around about $1,400 - $1,600... And here I was starting to think PC hardware was getting cheaper.

Maybe this will make Medieval

Maybe this will make Medieval II Total War run really quickly. Now if only Supreme Commander Forged Alliance AI would run smoothly with this and i could go back to playing with friends against the AI. Without it taking the entire day.

Only If

Not a big fan of AMD processors, but I will go on a limb here and say something like... If the processor ships with stock fans and reaches 5Ghz than I gotta say that's pretty significant. Especially if people will do the whole overclocking bit. Especially if those cores are unlocked.

An Intel Cpu (3770k) clocked

An Intel Cpu (3770k) clocked at say 4.6ghz would easily perform better then this however for Chip at 5ghz right out of the box... sounds very nice, i wish Amd the best of luck with this, hopefully getting them all sold in the first few weeks of availability.

agree there

them saying 5ghz is all well and good but the piledrivers that were clocked at 4ghz i believe struggled to compete against the intel cpus clocked at 3ghz (though granted multi threading for some applications were better ).What really irks me is i am still on a phenom II system and piledriver and bulldozer so far are not worth a upgrade for me.Have to say though if amd had just worked on say a phenom III with a 5ghz i reckon would have been A LOT better

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