Rumor: Nintendo Will Unveil Its Next Console In E3

The internet is abound with rumors that Nintendo is ready to unveil its next console during this year's E3 in June.

If the rumors are to be trusted, the new console will offer graphical power comparable to that of Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3.

Needless to say, the new console is fully compatible with Wii's games and will be able to run (new games) at full HD resolution.

This move is very reasonable for Nintendo who has just lost its innovative edge with the release of Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's PlayStation Move which matched the Wii in motion control while offering noticeably superior graphics.

The new console is expected to launch late in 2012.

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Could be.

Although it is true it could be nothing, speculation such as this is known to be right allot of the time as well. And for those of you saying that there will be no way that a next generation console that is only as powerful as the current generation can never fly, just look at the Wii. On both the DS and the Wii Nintendo has relied on innovation rather that raw power of their device to fuel sales. And although defiantly not the console for "hardcore gamers", it has been a good business strategy for attracting a broad audience of gamers. As a testament to that, just look at the fact that both the DS and the Wii have enjoyed the highest console sales is both respective markets.

calm down...

People here are just taking the news writer assumptions as truth. Nintendo hasnt unveiled the console nor is anyone certain that they will. So dont just assume its a wii with current gen graphics, it could be something completely different, it could be nothing at all.

This idea is not good at all badmoney investment from Wii Co

This idea is not good at all bad money investment from Wii Company.If they do so they wont have any profit because they will make a console capable of ps3 graphics and xbox360 graphics in 2012?? In 2012 there is going to be a release of ps4 and xbox720.If the wii is going to have the techology of this 2 consoles in 2012(Wich consoles had this techolohy in 2006)then it is the most epic funniest investment of all times!!


The current Wii is nothing more than a redressed Gamecube with a stupid controller. I won't buy one until they cost as much as a used Gamecube...

LOL gay.

So the deal here is, you go buy the most technically inferior system available because of a gimmicky controller, then buy another one that is @ best going to match the performance of the other systems & it can all be had for more money (in total) than the cost of either of the other 2 better systems. Sounds like the same model as their handhelds where they build one new platform after they've followed up the previous one w/a bunch of meaningless & valueless iterations.

What are they really offering? A system that is finally on par w/a Shitbox 360 and/or a Piece of shit 3? So then what happens for the next gen' Shitbox & POS? Then Nintendo wlll be behind again & for every generation of MS or Sony platforms you'll go through 2 from Nintendo, spending more money for less performance? Yay sounds like a good deal. Microshitsoft can't stop Kinect from being utilized & consequently maximized on the PC so they're releasing it for that too so why don't you all just get a PC & play the right way. Nothing offers more capability for the money. Stop getting ripped off & play the right way.

Wow if this is true Nintendo

Wow if this is true Nintendo might just make a killing again...if its not just a more powerful Wii that is, hopefully they bring around more innovative fun stuff, the next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony are pretty far.

Nintendo will only make a

Nintendo will only make a killing again if it starts making more games geared towards mature players. The reason a PC, 360, or PS3 player doesn't do much with the Wii isn't just because of the graphics, it's because there aren't really any games to compete with the other consoles for more serious gamers.

You can "bet your bottom dollar" (captcha) that's true

very good, sir

ive bought every home console nintendo has released except for the wii, and i wont pick up a wii until i can get it for ~$50, controllers included. why should i pay more? theres all of 3 games or so on the console i want to play, and i dont want to play them that bad. all the games look like my gamecube could handle 'em, and a couple of the games i want were supposed to come out on the GCN in the first place, they just got 'ported' over to the wii, and never came out for the GCN. so im paying how much money to play games that were supposed to come out on my GCN? just, lame.

this entire generation was sort of a bust. ps3 never really hit it stride, the x360 just didnt have any amount of spectacular games, and the wii... i already own a gamecube.

Theres always a way...

"why should i pay more? theres all of 3 games or so on the console i want to play" That and the DOLPHIN gamecube emulator can already run wii games almost flawlessly with wiimotes or normal PC/GC controllers.

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