Rumor: People Can Fly To Develop Gears Of War Prequel Trilogy

The latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine reported a rumor that Gears of War prequel is being prepared and that its development will commence soon at Bulletstorm developer, People Can Fly.

The magazine is pretty confident that this rumor is true; adding that said prequel will be a trilogy.

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LOL the same thing will happen as halo, after the triology, microsoft studios pays out developer to gain full rights, employees another develpment team and screws up the franchise giving GoW a bad name **cough** halo-wars.

Stop the sequel

GOW should stop where it is now. a [prequel wont help, trying to make money from a sequel after sequel is a bad move. it will be a disgrace if the title would fail, it would bring down GOW. stop while u r on top.

why not? bulletstorm was a

why not? bulletstorm was a clone of GOW in any ways and it was fun playing BS. GOW 3 was an absolutely fail. if PCF is following the same line, they better leave their fingers of it. back to the roots. grab the effects and the storry and the splatter from gears of war 1.

looking forward what will happen.

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