Rumored Wii Successor To Have HD Screen In Its Controller

Following yesterday's rumors that a Nintendo is preparing to reveal its Wii successor during this year's E3 in June, a new wave of rumors hit the web today claiming to offer insight about the new console's features.

Most sources agree that the new console will be slightly more powerful than the Xbox 360 and that it is capable of high definition rendering.

Several sources, including French website 01net which revealed accurate details about the NGP ahead of its reveal, have claimed that the new console's controller will feature a 6 inch touch screen - with some sources claiming that it is an HD touch screen.

According to the rumors, the console's controller will sport a front facing camera along with a fairly standard d-pad, two bumpers, two triggers. The console will be fully compatible with Wii's accessories and it will be able to run both Wii and GameCube games.

One last rumor has that the new console's architecture is close to that of the Xbox 360, making porting 360 games to it easy.

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I think nintendo should wait

I think nintendo should wait for ms and sony to release their hardware as well. That way sony and ms won't have a chance to copy any of their ideas, like they did this gen(it took ms and sony almost 5-6 years to do it lolz). Also this time they should at least try to make some tech that is competitive with the ps4 and 720.

What I'm waiting for is the

What I'm waiting for is the announcement that the controller has a 3DS game port and you can play 3DS games on your tv while using the touch screen on the controller in place of the bottom screen. I think that would be a nice feature, not necessarily expected, but a nice one none the less.


I love how analysts ETC.(notice the etc.) always point out OBVIOUS stuff lol. Like the last thing about the xbox. How stupid would nintendo be to copy the fail architecture of the PS3?

And you sure have to study rocket science to figure that the new Nintendo console will be at least capable of 360 and PS3 graphics with a chance to look even better when the 360 came out in 2005.

Wouldn't make much sense releasing a console in 2012 or later that looks worse than the last gens competition form 7-8 years ago would it?



Lets see how long other sites need to copy pasta my RUMOUR!


Terrible journalism

This article sounds like it was written by a school kid after listening to what their friends said their uncle who works at Nintendo and knows how to move the truck near the S.S. Anne and find MewThree told them not to tell anyone else.

it will

in my opinion it will be has power but with superior graphics dont you console owners know that dx11 cards for lower end that can handle 720p in dx11 mode will make ps3 and 360 graphics look scruffy by comparison

old news

All this has been discussed on multiple sites about a week ago- megagames is really slow sometimes :P

But yes HD console, Screen in controller, same power as ps3 and xbox and talking to sony to get blueray in the system, being able to play the games away from the system via the controller screen..... heard it all before.

Nothing against the current wii but unless nintendo do something insanely radical and pressumingly the current rumours are true then the 'wii2 or project cafe' sounds severly underwelming. surely nintendo at this point in all the consoles life cycles should be looking to destroy the competition and release something way beyond the competions tech and not just possibly equal it?

Tomorrow's rumors

Tomorrow there will be a new rumor claiming that the WiiHD will also be able to play blu-ray movies. The next day's rumors will claim the WiiHD will also be able to browse the internet, as well as take pictures. The rumor the next day will be that the WiiHD will be able to emulate 360 and PS3 games, since the graphics in those systems are "greatly inferior". There will eventually be rumors of the WiiHD having a built in projector, so it doesn't even need a tv, just a plain wall.

Anyone else want to start a rumor and see if MegaGames posts it?

Way to be presumptuous.

Way to be presumptuous. Please, give me any proof that the rumors were from someone inside the company. I guess being raised by your inbred parents prevented you from making useful comments. I was merely commenting on the fact that a lot of these rumors are going around with nothing to back them up, and then they get posted as news. I wouldn't have expected a random person on the internet to get offended by a post. I guess my comments just mean that much to you. I mean, it's the internet. Why not act big, right?

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